About Us

LiveWork&Play was established in 1995 by Sharyn McCullum (traveller, travel writer and blogger). It came about after she went on a working holiday to London and found herself in another country with no friends, family, accommodation or work and wondered what to do next. After spending years travelling the world she returned to Australia and established the organisation to provide past, present and future travellers of the world with up-to-date, comprehensive and relevant working holiday, gap year and general travel information.

LiveWork&Play began with printed travel guides. The first ever guide was LiveWork&Play in London & the UK, was published in 1995. Sharyn wrote it to help others who arrive in London in a similar situation as her to ensure they have the foundations of what to expect so they can hit the ground running and enjoy their time abroad. Today it is available as an ebook. Being in electronic format, it enables Sharyn to update it yearly or when things change.

Originally guides were written with Australians in mind however, all information is for people from many nationalities.

LiveWork&Play morphs to Live Work Play Travel

2016/17 saw a change and massive growth for LiveWork&Play. After a number of legal issues with other people and organisations using LiveWork&Play without permission Sharyn has decided to morph LiveWork&play in to LiveWorkPlayTravel and plans to expand the highly successful range of working holiday and gap year guides as well as provide a place to purchase travel accessories and also a to book travel needs such as travel insurance, airfares, other travel options and accommodation. And yes, some of them are affiliates and advertisers and she will receive a commission if you make a purchase however, any commissions received allows Sharyn to continue to update and provide the information people need to begin or to continue their travels.

In her quest to provide up-to-date and relevant information Sharyn has started more websites and blogs. They include: www.londonworkingholiday.com – specifically for those heading to London on a working holiday.
www.liveworkplay.com.au – Sharyn’s original website is now a website for travel writing.
www.liveworkplay-australia.com – specifically for international travellers coming to Australia on a working holiday or gap year and for Australian citizens who want to live, work and play around their own country.


it’s more than a way to travel, it’s a lifestyle!


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