Check List - let the countdown begin

Preparation is key when preparing to travel around the world. You probably have many questions, so where do you start? Following is our suggested check list of things to do and organise to make your travelling life a little easier.

Check List – Let the countdown begin

6-8 months before departure

Arrange passport – A passport is an essential item when travelling abroad. It identifies you and is required so you can enter and leave other countries of the world. Your passport is extremely important to your existence while travelling and it is imperative you keep it with you at all times (or know where it is). Passports are a valuable commodity and if yours falls in to the wrong hands it could be sold for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

2-4 months before departure

Apply for visa/s – originally the term ‘visa’ comes from a Latin word for ‘see’ and basically means the officials of that country have seen your passport and decided it is alright for you to enter their country. However, a visa stamped in your passport is only a recommendation to allow you in, you still need to arrive and gain clearance from Immigration officials.
Book air ticket and other travel arrangements (check out our Transport page for more details on air travel).
Vaccinations – depending on where you are travelling to, you may need vaccinations – see your doctor for advice.
Medical and dental check up – good idea as you don’t want to be sick in a foreign country.

1-2 months before departure

Confirm travel arrangements an purchase insurance (check out our Travel Insurance information for more details)
Pre-book accommodation (check out our Accommodation page for more details on types of Accommodation).
Pre-book travel and travel passes (check out our Transport page for more details on travel options).
Sign power of attorney
Make a will
Sort out finances – arrange how you will carry your money while travelling. There are a number of options including cash, credit cards, travel cash cards and opening a bank account in another country.
Obtain International Driver’s Licence
Obtain student cards
Update CV, obtain necessary references – take as an electronic copy
Arrange care for pets
Organise how you will pay any bills while you are away (Internet banking)
Give notice to landlord

Week leading up to your trip

Farewell family and friends
Pack and label luggage
Cancel milk and papers and utilities (electricity, water, gas, cable TV, etc.)
Organise email address and join social media – great ways to keep in contact with family and friends at home and also those new people you are about to meet
Leave a copy of itinerary and copies of important papers like travel insurance, credit card details, etc.
Take a pen to fill out landing card
Cash for transport from airport and initial few days.

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To research and book your travel check out our Book Travel area. The area has contacts, products and services that you can research and book that will help you enjoy your travels.