Why cook when you travel?

There are a number of reasons to cook when you travel. Firstly, it can be cheaper, secondly you can experience cooking of the local produce, thirdly it can help you interact with others staying at your accommodation, fourthly you may not want to go out all the time but enjoy a quiet night in and lastly, your health can suffer when you eat out all the time.

Don’t let your health suffer from eating junk food all the time

When we travel one of the things that can suffer is our health. This is mainly due to not eating properly because the food available might be limited to convenience food with not much nutritional value. Although it might be great to eat out all the time, it is not always good for our bank balance and our health. This is why we have come up with Traveller’s Fare—Fast and Fabulous meals for travellers. It is a guide that provides easy to make meals that don’t take longer than 60 minutes cause when you are on the road the last thing you want is to be stuck in a foreign kitchen trying to make some edible.

Easy meals to cook on the road

The meals included in this cookbook have been supplied by travellers who have cooked these meals ‘on the road’. They are:

Easy to make
Require little preparation and few cooking utensils
Yummy and nutritious
Relatively cheap to buy ingredients
Ingredients are readily available (hopefully)
All recipes take under 60 minutes to make
Are aimed at single travellers but can be adapted to include couples and families.

If you don’t want your health to go pear-shaped while travelling get your copy of our e-book Travellers Fare – Fast and Fabulous Meals for Travellers for only $15 now. Then you too can enjoy fast, fabulous and nutritious meals while on the road. Click on the cover below. Easily downloadable and travels well on devices.

travellers fare ebook