Want to work on a cruise ship?

Fancy travelling the world, visiting far flung places and being paid for it?

Well then, working on a cruise line might be the job for you. Good news is you only need to be over 18 years of age to apply for a position on a cruise line so for people over the age of 30 years looking for an option to work around the world, this is good news. Cruise lines actually like to hire people who have experience rather than qualifications (though these do come in handy).

Cruise ship jobs (this list is not exhaustive)

officers: captain, ship’s mates, cruise director
office support: clerk, cashier, receptionist
maintenance: engineers, electricians, painters, plumbers
hospitality: bellboy, dishwasher, cabin steward, chefs, bar attendants, waiting staff
entertainers: singer, dancer, juggler, comedian, film projectionist, musicians, DJ
child carers: nanny, babysitter
medical staff: doctor, nurse, dentist
other: shop assistants, croupiers, laundry staff, photographers, security officers
health and beauty: hairdresser, beautician, aerobic instructor, gym instructor, masseuse.

As you can see, there are literally hundreds of positions on a cruise ship, in fact there can be up to 1,500 staff members on a cruise ship to ensure the smooth running of the ship and so guests have the time of their lives.

Main cruising areas

The main cruising areas are:

  • the Carribean
  • the Mediterranean
  • the Aegean
  • the West Coast of America and Mexico
  • Alaska
  • the Norwegian Fjords and
  • the Pacific Islands.
  • world cruises – there are liners which cross the Atlantic and those which sail around the world – so pretty much wherever there is a large mass of water there will be a sea vessel.


In general, you do not need to have worked on a cruise line to obtain work, but this does depend on individual lines. Having experience in a field is more highly regarded than having qualifications in that field. Being able to speak a number of languages is always a plus.

How to find a position on a cruise ship? Here’s our tips

1. work out the area you wish to work in, ie. Pacific, Carribean, etc.
2. find out what ships sail in these waters. You can do this by picking up brochures from travel agencies.
3. find out the owner of the ship/s in the area you wish to work, ie. P&O, Carribean Cruises, etc.
4. vist the website of the ship owner as they will have employment details on their website. 

TIP: Always apply for a particular position, ie. bar job, waiter, captain, etc.

Now you know the basics, don’t put your dreams on hold for another second. The cruise industry is growing quickly, adding thousands of new jobs every year.

Get the information you need and the contacts to land a job

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