Kibbutz Volunteer

Being a kibbutz volunteer in Israel is not for everyone. You work hard, live in very basic accommodation, earn a pittance and have no privacy. However, year after year travellers head to Israel to volunteer on a kibbutz and have the time of their lives.

A kibbutz is a collective of farms where all aspects of production is owned and shared by the community. There are currently around 270 of them in Israel and they are always seeking new volunteers to join them. Good news is a kibbutz accepts singles and families and in most cases does not have an upper age limit for participants – great news if you don’t qualify for a working holiday.

A kibbutz usually accepts volunteers for a minimum period of two (2) months and a maximum of six (6) months. Generally, the kibbutz offers work in three different categories: agriculture, tourism and other services/different kinds of work.

Kibbutz volunteers work 8 hours a day 6 days a week, Sunday to Friday, because the Sabbath is from Friday sundown to Saturday sundown. Depending on the job, the day starts between 6-7am (earlier if in the cowsheds or fields) and finishes between noon and 4pm (again, this varies depending on the job you do).

In return for your work, volunteers are offered free accommodation in the kibbutz, three (3) meals a day, free laundry service in the kibbutz’s common laundry and pocket money each month. In addition to this, the kibbutz organises tours to visit different places in Israel on their day off.

Kibbutz volunteer in Israel ositions can be arranged through the Kibbutz Program Centre in Tel Aviv.

If you are interested to spend time as a kibbutz volunteer in Israel, check out our e-book ‘Kibbutz Volunteer’, by Jon Edgerton who volunteered on a kibbutz and loved it. Read his first-hand experience and practical advice, tips and hints. Jon is currently updating this e-book and it will be available soon.