A London Working Holiday – the most popular working holiday destination


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London in the United Kingdom is the most popular working holiday / gap year destination for Commonwealth citizens. Literally thousands of young people head to the UK every year to make their dreams of living, working and playing there a reality.

Most set up in London but if London doesn’t appeal, there are plenty of other major cities such as Edinburgh, Cardiff, Brighton, Manchester or other towns to consider living, working and playing in.


Why is London and the UK so popular?

The reason London and the UK is so popular is because of the availability of work, the close proximity to Europe for travelling and the entry clearances (visas) that are available to Commonwealth citizens allowing them to work.


What Working Holiday Visas are available?

There are two visas that allow overseas visitors to work:

Visa: Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa (formerly known as the working holidaymaker visa)
Available to citizens of: Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Japan
Length of stay: 2 years 
 18 to 30 years inclusive

Visa: UK Ancestry Visa
Available to citizens of: The Commonwealth
Length of stay: 5 years 
 17 or over
Eligibility: Must have a grandparent born in the UK, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Mann or you have a grandparent born in the Republic of Ireland prior to 31 March 1922.

There are other visas available such as the student visa so contact your nearest British High Commission or British Consulate for more details and how to apply.


Make the most of your working holiday with the latest information




Live Work & Play in London & the UK has been providing the latest information to working holiday makers since 1995.

This latest edition was updated January 2017 and can be downloaded on any device.

Get the information you need to help you prepare for your trip and aid you with a smooth transition on your arrival.





What information will I find inside the guide?

Ready, Set, Go! advises on how to organise yourself before you go to make your holiday a little easier.
Arriving in the UK will give you the lowdown on arriving so your first few hours in the UK are less stressful.
Settling in – first things first helps get some procedures out of the way so you can settle in to your new life.
The Accommodation chapter provides an insight into short and long-term accommodation.
The Work chapter provides options for finding work while the A-Z of Jobs chapter profiles work opportunities and includes as many contact details for landing positions as possible.
The Holidaying chapter offers options for travelling the UK and sightseeing suggestions.
The Useful information chapter offers valuable insight and tips.


Chapters are also available to download separately.

Holidaying London & UK chapter
Just want to holiday in London & the UK. Then this chapter is for you. It provides information on travel options (tube, bus, train, etc.) to get you around London and also the UK. It also provides suggestions on what to see and do. Our walking maps highlighting the top things to see (Buckingham Palace, London Bridge, etc.) will be very useful and help you to make the most of your time.



Working London & UK chapters
Just interested to know what work opportunities are available to you and to get some contacts so you can get a job. Then our Work chapters are what you need. We have included general information about tax (which you need to know about) and have an A-Z listing of work professions with contact details of agencies that can help you land a job.


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