The Middle East – working holiday destinations

The Middle East has become a popular working holiday destination due to the high wages and rich lifestyle it can provide to travellers who decide to call this region home for a while.

There is only one country that has a reciprocal working holiday agreement available and that is Iran (details following).

Many find work in the region by being sponsored by organisations before they arrive. Often these organisations will include your airfare and accommodation along with a wage to entice you there. In return they expect quality. Teachers and engineers are highly sought after to work in countries such as Dubai.


Visa: Work and Holiday
Available to citizens of:
Length of stay: 12 months
Age: 18 to 30 years
Contact: The Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Israel does not have a reciprocal working holiday program in place but for a long time has offered travellers the chance live and work on a kibbutz or moshav. Check out our information on our Kibbutz page.

LWPT has a mini ebook we are currently updating on living and working on a kibbutz. It will be available soon.

Many do come to Teach English in the Middle East. Details on how you too could join them can be found in our ebook Teaching English Overseas.

teaching english while travelling

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