Over 30 – your Work/Travel Options

30+ Over 30 Work Travel options – what are they?

Living, working and playing abroad in your twenties is almost a rite of passage these days. You finish high school and live your dream of travelling around the globe by having a gap year (or more). But what if you didn’t do that? What if you went to university or started working immediately after leaving school instead of travelling in your twenties? And now, in your 30s (or over) you are struck by the wanderlust bug only to discover that pretty much all of the working holiday visas out there are for those aged 18-30 years. So what do you do if you are 31 years of age and over? Stay home? Not likely! Even though opportunities have thinned out, there are still opportunities for you to live, work and play around the globe. In fact, in many ways, your age and work experience can be a big advantage to finding work while you travel. Our e-book Over 30 work/travel options offers suggestions on how you may be able to live, work and play around the world when you are over 30.

Over 30 work and live overseas

The guide is divided in to two parts:

Part I – Work

Other visas;
Teach English as a Foreign Language;
Jobs on Boats: Work on a cruise liner | Yacht crewing;
Work in a summer camp in the USA;
Volunteering: Humanitarian – Aid Work | Conservation | Archaeological digs;
Work on a Kibbutz in Israel;
Other work suggestions: Busking | Work in a Hostel | Offering your services/skills | Selling souvenirs and duty-free goods | Travel writing and phtogoraphy | Linguist/translater | On-line business | House swapping | Work and travel around your own country.

Part II – Travel

When to go travelling;
How to go travelling;
Travelling safe, well and alone.

Don’t let being over 30 stop you from your travel dreams.