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Learn how to travel like a pro with a copy of Ready, Set, Go – Travel.



Learn how to travel like a pro! 

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Planning a trip can be a bit overwhelming – especially if you’ve never done it before. If you’ve been thinking about planning your own trip but don’t know where to begin, you’re in the right place!

Author Sharyn McCullum is a travel expert who’s travelled all of her life, gathering bits and pieces of useful information over the years. She’s excited to help new travellers feel more comfortable with travel in order to have the best experience possible! For those a little unsure of whether or not they’re ready to travel, she sets out reasons why reaching beyond your comfort zone is always worth it. 

Ready, Set, Go – Travel, covers all your bases. Learn about the different passport and visa options, the best time to travel, transportation and accommodation options, finding work, packing, handling money, health and travel insurance and more. 

Not only will you unearth the travel basics to prepare you for future adventures but you’ll be equipped with information covering deeper topics. For example, if you hope to someday become a digital nomad who can live and work around the world, this book will provide you with the stepping stones to getting there. 

One of the biggest challenges people face when getting into travel is saving up enough money for a trip. With some of the best tips on hand, you’ll have no trouble saving money for travel quickly and discovering new ways to travel on a budget! 

All travellers have also experienced the confusion of whether or not they should pre-purchase items or just buy them when they get to the destination. By the time you reach the end of this book, you’ll understand the pros and cons of pre-purchasing items and will feel much more confident in your travel decision-making skills. 

There’s also a wide range of travel styles you can embark on. Do you want to do a group trip, travel with friends or fly solo? This might differ depending on the location you’re interested in and your previous experience with travel. Knowing your options will give you a head start and will make choosing a style of travel that much easier. 

Where safety is concerned, you’ll also find a plethora of resources and tips to ease your mind. From dressing according to the local culture to knowing how much money to carry with you, getting the right vaccines and everything in between, you’ll have all the tools necessary to prepare you for an amazing time abroad. 

Travel is incredibly exciting and often a life-changing experience but preparation is essential! Use what you learn from Ready, Set, Go – Travel to embark on a trip with peace of mind that you’ve done your research. 

Don’t miss out on important information. Get your hands on a copy today and get your travel bug on!


Reasons to travel
Passport & Visas
When to Travel
How to Travel – Transport Options
Where to Stay? – Accommodation
How Much Money To Take, How To Take It
Work – How To Make Money While Travelling
Sort your Affairs
Holiday Insurance and Medical Care
Useful things to do, join and obtain
Stay in Touch
Travel Healthy, Safe and Alone
Checklist – let the countdown begin – tick things off your planning list and get travelling.

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