Teaching English Overseas has long been a way for travellers to live, work and play their way around the world. This is because English is the language that millions around the world wish to learn and travellers, with and without formal qualifications have topped up their travelling funds by teaching English to some of these millions.

Teaching English overseas isn’t for everyone but if you are thinking about this type of work while you are travelling around the world here are 8 good reasons why you should consider it!

A career change

A career change that costs a lot less than going back to university. A university degree can cost literally thousands of dollars which could see you paying it back for a long time. A Teaching English qualification can cost from a few hundred to a couple of thousand, depending if you do it on line or in a classroom.

No upper age limit

No upper age limit (you must be at least 18 years plus to undertake the course but this is great news if you are over 30 and don’t qualify for a working holiday visa).

Learn a new skill

Having teaching skills will allow you to use them in everyday life, in other professions and of course, while you are teaching.

Learn another language

Living in other countries will enable you to learn other langauges and help you immerse in the local culture by conversing in the native tongue of the country.

Experience living in another country

Experiencing living in another culture will allow you to expand as a person as you see how others live and accept their way of life. Do book accommodation for your initial stay.


Gain a teaching qualification

Having a teaching qualification will allow you to use the skills you learn in every day life plus help you to make a career.

Earn while you immerse yourself in another culture

You can make some decent money however, this can depend upon the country you choose to live and work in. Some of the middle eastern countries pay a lot more than those in say, South America. It depends on what you want, to make money or to experience another country while making some money to keep travelling.

It looks really good on your CV

Say no more! Having the qualification on your CV will help you gain employment in the future.

Convinced? Not sure?

You probably have lots of questions about this type of work such as:

Are qualifications needed and what are they?
Which countries are the jobs in?
How do I find a job and can I arrange a job before I go?
Who will I be teaching? Kids, Adults. Business People?
Where am I going to live? Does the school I work for provide accommodation?

If you need these questions answered then purchase a copy of our e-book ‘How to Teach English Overseas’. It answers all these questions plus more. If you are serious about Teaching English Overseas get your copy today so you can start your adventure as soon as possible.

Teach English Overseas


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