How to get an English Teaching Job Overseas



Are you looking for a new adventure?

Do you want to find a way to make money, live overseas and experience life in another country?

Then Teaching English overseas can do that for you.




Teaching English has long been a way for travellers to live, work and play their way around the world. This is because English is the language that millions around the world wish to learn and travellers, with and without formal qualifications have topped up their travelling funds by teaching English to some of these millions. If you are thinking about teaching English overseas here are eight good reasons why you should consider it!

Eight good reasons why you should consider Teaching English Overseas

1) A career change that costs a lot less than going back to university.
2) No upper age limit (must be 18 years plus to undertake the course). This is great news if you are over 30 and don’t qualify for a working holiday visa.
3) Learn a new skill.
4) Learn another language.
5) Experience living in another country.
6) Take time off from the rat race if in between jobs or make a career out of it.
7) You can make some decent money (can depend upon the country you choose to live and work in).
8) It looks really good on your CV.

So where do you start?

Like you, I found there was a sea of information out there but I wasn’t sure if it was up-to-date, accurate and honest. That’s why I wrote this ebook – to eliminate all the superfluous information and only include the relevant information that is needed today to land a job. This ebook will save you weeks of online research.

When you are just getting started, there is a lot to consider. You will have a list of questions and concerns that you will want answered. My guide  ‘How to Teach English Overseas’ will answer some, if not all your FAQs about starting a career Teaching English overseas. It will answer questions like:

  • What exactly is a TEFL qualification and do I really need one?
  • What are the best countries to work in?
  • Will I be able to find work easily?
  • Do I need to speak the local language?
  • What is life like in my potential new country?
  • How do I go about finding a job?

My ebook will answer all the questions above plus more. I have written so it will:

  • Save you valuable research time
  • advise you on qualifications and if you need them
  • help you to understand the hiring process
  • provide contacts to land jobs

Teaching English overseas is a great experience and now it is your turn to start the adventure.


Start your life Teaching English overseas today!

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