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Transport options to get you travelling


There are a number of transport options you can choose to help you travel.

You can fly, sail or use land based vehicles. Your options can include (but are not limited to):


If you want to get from A to B as quickly as possible then flying is a great option. You can fly in to one city, spend a few days, then fly to the next. There are many airlines servicing a lot of routes. Check out websites such as Skyscanner or which allow you to search for the best airfare to suit you.


Need an airfare?
Check out Skyscanner


Most countries have train services with a variety of tickets available. There are single and return fares as well as passes that allow travel on trains for a number of days. You can get passes for travel through a specific country or countries such as the Eurail Pass and JapanRail pass.

Some countries are known for their train journeys such as the Rocky Mountaineer in Canada, The Ghan in Australia, The Glacier Express in Switzerland, the Eurostar from London to Paris or The Siberian Railway from Asia through Russia to name a few.


Trains are a great way to travel. If you are looking to travel Japan and/or Europe click on the links for RailEurope and/or Japan Rail and get your train travel organised.

Sea vessels

There are many sizes of seafaring vessels you can can take. They range from sailing on a yacht, ocean liner, local ferry and felucca to name a few. You may even get work on one of these particularly on a yacht or cruise liner.





Great to get around in. You could buy or hire a car, van, caravan or camper van. With a car you have the flexibility to go where you want when you want.



All countries have bus services. There are services that service just one city or those that travel between cities. You can purchase a single or return fare. Passes that allow travel for a certain number of days can also be purchased.




If you don’t want to travel on your own then a group tour might suit. Most countries have tour companies that include the transport, accommodation, most (if not all) meals and entrance fee to sights. There are a number of tour companies, Contiki, Trafalgar Holidays, Intrepid Travel, Top Deck Travel, Cosmos to name a few.


Thinking of a tour?
Check out Contiki


One of the best ways to see things. Don’t forget your walking shoes!


Local Transport

There is plenty of local transport available. Tuc tucs, trams, etc. getting around on local transport is often one of the cheapest forms of transport. With a little bit of research on your destination you can find out what local transport is available.


Don’t limit yourself to just one form of transport though. Even though you could choose just one, you can combine a number of them. Whatever you choose, happy travelling!

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