Work and travel Asia – Extend your travels in Asia by working

Asia is on a lot of people’s bucket lists. The region offers travellers unique insights in to different cultures, food, beautiful places and manic cities. Travellers love to extended their time in this part of the world and they do it when they work and travel. And there are a number of work options available.

Working Holiday Visas available

The Asia region includes many countries and a number of them have working holiday visas available to citizens of other countries. The countries currently with a working holiday arrangement include Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Phillipines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. You will need to check with the High Commissions and Consulates of these countries as to whether your country has a working holiday agreement available. They are usually only available to people aged 18-30 (sometimes up to 35 years) inclusive. Visit our Asia Destinations page for more visa details

If successful in obtaining one of the working holiday visas you can usually stay in that country for up to 12 months (sometimes longer). With one of these you can undertake work and immerse yourself in all that country has to offer.

Typical traveller jobs

Travellers will often take on different types of work when they work and travel in Asia. These include working in a hostel, domestic work, hospitality work in tourist hot spots and being a digital nomad. But the biggest type of employment is teaching English.

Now if you didn’t qualify for a working holiday visa don’t worry. Teaching English has long been a way for travellers to extend their stay in most countries. This is because many English Language Schools will sponsor travellers to teach English. Now just because you can speak English doesn’t mean you can teach it. Therefore, having a qualification such as the TEFL Certificate will help you obtain a good job.

English language schools cater to different learners. From children to business people and those who just want or need to learn English. Classes are often out of business hours because most will be going to school or work. Though classes can are held during the day.

You might want to read our blog on Teaching English. We also have an ebook available providing extensive information on getting qualified to teach English. It also includes school contacts in Asia and other areas of the world to help you land a job. Click on the link to download your copy.

If Asia is on your list and you want to extend your time in the region then consider your options to work and travel Asia.

About the Author:

Sharyn McCullum has been travelling most of her life thanks to a dad who worked at Sydney Airport. She began travelling on her own in her 20s. A UK working holiday beckoned and she used London as a base to live, work & play. She loved London so much she wrote a travel guide about it. Melbourne, Australia is where she currently calls home.

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