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I’ve written a number of in-depth and informative travel guides on living, working and playing around the world. Ready, Set, Go – Travel will help you prepare to travel, particularly if this is your first time travelling abroad solo. If you are heading to the UK on a working holiday then you will need to read Live Work and Play in London and the UK. Over 30? Don’t worry there are plenty of work and travel options for you which are explained in detail in Over 30 – Your Work and Travel Options. Or perhaps you want to Teach English Abroad or Online, if so how to do this is explained in my Teach English or Online ebook. And don’t forget to look after yourself by cooking your own meals from my tried and tested recipes in Travellers Fare. Check them out, plus others in the Bookstore.

Three Suitcases Standing On Top Of The World For The New Cover For Ready, Set,Go - Travel Your Pre-planning Guide For Your Overseas Adventure.
Big Ben At Parliament House On The River Thames in London At Sunset Is The Image On The Front Cover Of Live Work And Play In London And The UK.
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Teaching English Abroad Or Online Is A Great Way To Earn Money To Fund Your Travels Just Like The Female Writing On A White Board Teaching.
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Hi Sharyn here,

my passion for travel was ignited by my dad who worked for an airline. So I spent much of my childhood travelling Australia and other parts of the world. In my 20s I hit the road for solo travel and went on a UK Working Holiday. After the UK I lived, worked and played in many countries and I’ve been location independent since 1988 but currently based in Melbourne, Australia. My travels led me to become a travel writer, blogger and publisher. My goal is to share content with you to make it easy for you to move abroad and work and travel the world (like I do). That could be on a working holiday, working online remotely or as a digital nomad. I’ll give you my best travel and lifestyle tips, hacks and itineraries to enable you to turn your travels into your new lifestyle.






Live Work Play Travel – It’s a Lifestyle – Make it Yours


Blue and Pink Sunset Over Mountains to Work Abroad, Work Online, Travel the World.

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