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You’ve decided to quit your job and live work and play around the world. You are considering backpacking, maybe applying for a working holiday visa, finding remote work or becoming a digital nomad. But firstly, need some info so you can start your journey. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Live Work Play Travel, we are all about Working Abroad, Working Online and Travel. If you are seeking info on typical backpacker jobs, remote work, digital nomad jobs along with tips, hacks and trip itineraries for your journey look no further.


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I’m Sharyn and I’m the face behind LiveWorkPlayTravel. I’ve travelled all my life thanks to my dad who worked for an airline. I’ve travelled with my family when I was a kid, as a working holiday maker in my 20s, in a couple with my partner and now, with my own kids and, sometimes on my own. I’m a professional travel writer, publisher and content creator travelling the world, sometimes picking up work but mostly working online to fund my travels. My travels led me to create Live Work and Play Publications to publish travel guides and LiveWorkPlayTravel, both, to help you work abroad, work online and travel the world just like I do. Read more.


Female and Male Backpackers With Backpacks On Their Backs Looking And Pointing At Scenery While Living Working Playing and Travelling Around The World.

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