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A website/blog all about Working Holidays, Gap Years and Work and Travel Overseas. 

I’m Sharyn and I’m the creator of Live Work Play Travel. I quit my job to travel the world and along the way picked up work to fund my travels.

Now whether you are you looking to pour pints in a London pub, teach English in Japan, Au Pair for a high-flying family in New York, Jackaroo or Jillaroo in the Australian Outback, work on a cruise ship, shred the ski resorts of Europe or Canada, volunteer on a wildlife reserve in Africa, house sit on a Caribbean Island or become a Digital Nomad you’re covered here!

Stop thinking about it and do it. Start living your dream right now, right here. Access the information for your working holiday, gap year, work and travel overseas opportunities here. Join the thousands of travellers living, working, playing and travelling around the world.


Live Work Play Travel

– it’s more than a way to travel – it’s your new lifestyle.

Hi. I’m Sharyn, founder of LiveWorkPlayTravel. I’ve been travelling most of my life thanks to my dad who worked for an airline. My travels have inspired my ‘Live Work and Play’ series of working holiday guides and this website. My aim is to help you live, work, play and travel the world just like I am. See you on the road somewhere. Read more.

Working Holiday Guides

I’ve written a number of working holiday guides. They will help you to plan your working holiday. They contain detailed pre-planning tips and relevant information so you can hit the ground running at your destination.

Check them out today and get one for your next trip!

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