First published March 4.3.18 – Updated 1.12.19
When I was looking for a new bag to take travelling, one that would fit in all my stuff and be light and easy to carry around, a newly acquainted friend suggested a messenger bag. I said “what’s a messenger bag?”. So he did more than explain about this small and light bag, he showed me. Now I am a convert, I love my messenger bag so much I take it many places, including on my travels, for day-to-day outings and find it dressy enough to take out to restaurants. Here are my 5 reasons to love a messenger bag.



Messenger bags are just the right size and enables me to fit in all the things I need to carry around. My phone, my power bank, my travel wallet and/or purse, my lip balm, small bottle of perfume, my passport, tissues, sunglasses, etc. Everything fits in – it’s amazing. Some are big enough to hold a small iPad but I wouldn’t go much bigger than that.


Adjustable strap for comfort

It has an adjustable shoulder strap that I can adjust and believe me, being able to do this has helped with comfort. Sometimes I have the strap long while other times I have it short – it depends on what I am doing.


Safety and security

I had never considered this before about a bag but being able to adjust the strap to fit my body makes me feel safe and secure knowing that my valuables are close to me. Sometimes I wear my messenger bag under a jacket and which makes it harder for would be thieves to steal. No matter if I am sitting or standing it is by my side.


Don’t get caught out carrying other people’s things

When I first went travelling I did a coach tour and that tour company advised to bring x, y and z with me. And guess what? I did. However, after a couple of days my shoulders and back ached but I still continued to carry this large bag. Then, people on the tour started asking me to hold things in my bag like their jumper, or camera, or water bottle. I thought I would do the kind thing and carry their stuff for them but soon I felt like a ‘pack horse’ and decided very quickly to downsize. Now I don’t get lumbered with other people’s things with a messenger bag.


Fashionable – you don’t look like a tourist

My messenger bag is very fashionable – well I think so! And I know I am not alone because I have seen loads of other people wearing one too. What I like is the fact it doesn’t make me look like a tourist or a traveller unlike some other bags such as a daypack can. It just fits in to my travelling lifestyle however, if I was hiking I would probably choose something a little bigger so it can fit a water bottle in.

So there you have it, my 5 reasons to love a messenger bag. I am sure you will agree they are such a versatile little bag that are so handy to take on your travels or just to use in every day life. They are known by other names including courier bag, cross-shoulder bag, over-shoulder bag and man bag. Yes, man bag and my research shows they are typically for men however, as a female I find them stylish and practical and think they are for females also. I purchased mine from Amazon. Here are some different styles that are available. Click on the image for more details.

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