8 Tips For Vegetarians and Vegans to Eat Well While Traveling

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Just because you don’t eat meat and other animal bi-products like eggs and dairy doesn’t mean you should not travel because you are worried about what you will eat. Yes, it can be a challenge as not all countries are set up for vegetarians and vegans. But this shouldn’t stop you from eating well while traveling. Here are my best tips to help vegetarians and vegans to eat well while traveling the world.


What is the difference between a Vegetarian and a Vegan?


A vegetarian is someone who doesn’t eat meat while a vegan is someone who doesn’t eat meat and the bi-products of animals like eggs and dairy. If you are neither of these, then you may find it a bit confusing as to why they have trouble finding a decent vegetarian meal or vegan meal while traveling the world, particularly when all that needs to happen is removal of the meat! Right! Wrong. Not all countries are geared to non-meat meals. 


Give me meat baby!


Take America for instance, and Texas in particular which is America’s largest beef producing state. Therefore, many dishes are all about beef – beef steaks, BBQ beef ribs and hamburgers. Not an overly vegetarian and vegan friendly place! So how, when you are vegetarian or vegan do you survive in places like this? What will you eat as a vegetarian or vegan?


Tips for Vegetarians and Vegans to Eat Well While Traveling


To help you eat well while traveling, here are my best tips for vegetarians and vegans.


1. Travel with Vegetarian or Vegan Snacks


If you are worried of not finding foods to satisfy your needs, carry back-up vegetarian or vegan snacks. If you ar able to bring them along, that will be helpful for the times you cannot find an appropriate vegetarian or vegan meal. Things like roasted chickpeas, nuts, dried fruit or trail mix are good options. Other things to carry with you are instant foods and non-perishable food items. You know the ones, where you add hot water to a cup of noodles. 


2. Research local restaurants ahead of time


Before you head out for dinner spend a little time researching local restaurants. Check out HappyCow.net which lists vegetarian and vegan restaurants around the world. Have a look at their on-line menus to see what vegetarian and / or vegan food meal options they have available. Even when a restaurant doesn’t boast a wide vegetarian or vegan selection, they may be willing to omit or swap a few ingredients for you. And some chefs may even be happy to make your a special meal. If not, I hope they have a salad option for you or that you have some snacks! If your research doesn’t yield results, don’t be afraid to ask a local about vegetarian and vegan restaurants. The receptionist at your accommodation may just know the place!


3. Know where the nearest grocery store is


Map out where the nearest grocery store is in the your destination. Then visit to stock up on the food you like to eat. 


4. Seek out local fresh produce markets


I love visiting local fresh produce markets. Stall holders have some of the freshest local produce around. Replenish your vegetarian and vegan stocks. 


5. Stay somewhere with a kitchen


Loaded scrambled eggs is one of my favourite meals. Vegetarian friendly.

Loaded scrambled eggs – one of my favourite vegetarian dishes I make when I have access to a kitchen with cooking utensils.


Staying somewhere with a kitchen is always a good option. As well as helping to save dollars on always having to buy meals, you can save heaps by making them yourself. Also, you know exactly what is going into your meal and you can make it as vegetarian or vegan as you want! So stay somewhere such as a hostel with a kitchen or an apartment that has a kitchen or kitchenette. Even if you just have a microwave and or a fridge in your accommodation, you can store vegetarian and vegan food and make simple meals.


Some of my favourite Vegetarian Recipes and Vegan Meals


Stir Fried Veggies
Loaded Scrambled Eggs
Curry Lentil and Pumpkin Soup
Feta & Spinach Frittata
Mushroom Risotto
Vegetarian Pizza
Salad Sandwich
Hommus Dip and Crackers, Celery Sticks or Carrot Sticks
Prawn and Avocado Sushi

I could go on……..


6. Stay somewhere all-inclusive


There are many all-inclusive resorts and accommodation options as you travel the world. All-inclusive meaning your airfare, accommodation and food is included in the price. Sometimes, only breakfast may be offered. If your accommodation is offering food in your accommodation price ensure to take full advantage of what food is available. Every breakfast buffet I have been to has included plenty of fruit, cereal, yoghurt, bread, coffee and tea. Eat up well to last you during the day. If possible, put together some of the food to last you through the day. Perhaps a sandwich or fresh fruit.


7. Join vegetarian or vegan groups on Facebook


I have found by doing a search on Facebook there are plenty of vegetarian and vegan groups offering advice and making suggestions of where to eat. If visiting a new city, I would do a quick search to see if there is a group in that city. You may just find the best ‘vegetarian’ or ‘vegan’ food ever!


8. Fly with airlines offering vegetarian and vegan meals in-flight


As you travel the world try to book your flight with airlines offering vegetarian and vegan in-flight meals. Usually you need to pre-order at the time of booking your ticket. Having appropriate food when you fly is one way of surviving a long flight. Airlines aren’t known for the quality of their meals so I suggest take your own vegan and vegetarian snacks on your flight.


Are You Ready to Enjoy Vegetarian and Vegan Foods as You Travel?


Just because you are vegetarian or vegan doesn’t mean you can’t eat well while traveling the world. Do you have any travel tips for vegetarians and vegans to eat well while while traveling? I’d love to hear from you.


Vegetarian and Vegan meals of fruit, vegetables and eggs to eat well while traveling.

Thanks for sharing!

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  1. Tracy Hastie

    This is really useful for me as I’ve just discovered I am dairy intolerant and celiac, thanks for the tips

  2. Marissa

    Great tips! I found traveling in Asia especially challenging since they consume so much meat and seafood!

    • Sharyn McCullum

      I know what you mean. If you love meat and seafood that is great, but when you are vegetarian or vegan, it can be a problem.

  3. Fulani

    Thank you for sharing your travel experiences and insights on your blog. Your posts have been both informative and inspiring, making it easier to plan my own adventures. Keep up the great work!


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