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About Us – Hi, I’m Sharyn McCullum and I am the creator of this website/blog, thanks for stopping by.

I have travelled most of my life thanks to my dad who worked at Sydney Airport but it wasn’t until I had a bad day at work way back in 1987 (yes I am showing my age) that I resigned and within a month arrived at Heathrow Airport with no friends, family, work or anywhere to live and wondered ‘what on earth had I done’. But, like most travellers I found my feet and stayed in London working and travelling through Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, Asia, America, and the list goes on.

I fell in to travel writing. It was after I went to Turkey for Anzac Day in 1990 that a London based ex-pat Aussie magazine was calling for travel articles. I thought to myself, I have just been to Turkey and so I decided to write an article. To my surprise and extreme delight the article was published and I was paid 25 pounds. And so, my travel writing career began.

On my return to Australia I noticed there were no working holiday guide books in the shops and so I set out to rectify the situation. After 23 knock backs I found my publisher Kangaroo Press in 1995. I thought long and hard about the title of my first book and when I asked myself what it was about I answered: It is about living, working and playing and so began the Live Work & Play series of travel guides. The first guide was Live Work & Play in London & the UK to help fellow and future travellers to land in the UK with a little more knowledge of what to expect than I did. Then came Live Work & Play in Australia, Canada, Japan and the World. I am now turning all these guides plus more in to ebooks.

Then came the website on which I would put the latest working holiday information plus articles of my travels. I know now I was blogging way back then without knowing I was blogging. The website was voted Best Website for 2002 by the Herald Sun Travel Editor at the time. I was chuffed, of course!

LiveWork&Play morphs to Live Work Play Travel

In 2015 LIveWork&Play came out of hibernation and 2016/17 saw a change and massive growth for LiveWork&Play. After a number of legal issues with other people and organisations using LiveWork&Play without permission I decided to morph LiveWork&play in to LiveWorkPlayTravel.

My aims for Live Work Play Travel are to:

-provide up-to-date and relevant working holiday information

-useful travel accessories to help you during your travels

-provide links to options of travel, accommodation and other things you can book

I hope in the future to add a job board for people to find work while on the road and I have a few other things up my sleeve that I will reveal in the future. Until then I will leave you with my philosophy.

LiveWorkPlayTravel – 
it’s more than a way to travel, it’s a lifestyle!


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