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Hi, I’m Sharyn McCullum and I am the creator of LiveWorkPlayTravel, thanks for stopping by.


To tell you how it all started. I have travelled most of my life thanks to my dad who worked at Sydney Airport. We travelled to many places within Australia and overseas. It wasn’t until I had a bad day at work way back in 1987 (yes I am showing my age) that I resigned and within a month arrived at Heathrow Airport. I arrived with no friends, family, work or anywhere to live and wondered ‘what on earth had I done’. But, like most travellers I found my feet and stayed in London using it as a base to work and travel throughout Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, Asia, America, and the list goes on.


I fell into Travel Writing


I fell in to travel writing. It was after I went to Turkey for Anzac Day in 1990 that a London based ex-pat Aussie magazine was calling for travel articles. I thought to myself, I have just been to Turkey and I could write an article. To my surprise and extreme delight the article was published, earning me 25 pounds. My travel writing career had began.

On my return to Australia I undertook a travel writing course through the Australian College of Journalism and then proceeded to write and have many travel articles published. I also did a proofreading and editing course to help me proofread and edit my own work. I offer freelance writing, proofreading and editing help if you need some. Just email me at info@liveworkplaytravel.com with your request and I can advise my rates. I also love creating pins so if you need some designed also contact me.


Then came Travel Guides


On my return to Australia I noticed there were no working holiday guide books in the shops and so I set out to rectify the situation. I had always wished there had been a guide book to help me prepare and then customise myself to my life abroad. In1995 after 23 knock backs I found a publisher willing to take a chance on my idea. My persistence paid off that there was a need for working holiday information to be put in to a book format.

I thought long and hard about the title of my first guide book. Asking myself what it was about I answered, It is about living, working and playing in a particular country. So began the Live Work and Play series of travel guides. The first guide was Live Work & Play in London & the UK to help fellow and future travellers land in the UK with a little more knowledge of what to expect than I did. Then came Live Work & Play in Australia, Canada, Japan, Ireland and the World. I am now turning all these guides plus more in to ebooks.


A Website followed


Then came the website Liveworkplay on which I would put the latest working holiday information plus articles of my travels. I know now I was blogging way back then without knowing it. The website was voted Best Website for 2002 by the Herald Sun Travel Editor at the time. I was chuffed, of course! I still have the website but it is now about me and my writing services, www.liveworkplay.com.au.

In 2015, after a bit of a break to have kids, LIve Work and Play came out of hibernation and 2016/17 saw a change and massive growth. After a number of legal issues with other people and organisations using Live Work and Play without permission I decided to create and morph the website name to LiveWorkPlayTravel. Keeping my registered trade mark of Live Work and Play in the name of my publications, both printed and electronic.


Aims of Live Work Play Travel website is to


  • provide up-to-date and relevant working holiday and work and travel information for specific Destinations;
  • showcase useful travel accessories to help you during your travels
  • provide links to transport options, accommodation, airfares and other things like travel insurance and travel accessories that you can gain quotes for and to purchase
  • make the site interactive with fellow travellers who are about to, currently are or have been working and travelling around the world. So if you have a blog and would like to exchange links, or if you would like to work with us by us writing a working holiday piece for you or us sampling one of your products or services, please get in contact at info@liveworkplaytravel.com.


I am creating more websites – Welcome to my World of Travel


www.travellers-fare.com – fast and fabulous meals for travellers


LiveWorkPlayTravel – It’s more than a way to travel, it’s a lifestyle!


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