Accommodation types as you travel the World


As the song sung by Paul Young says “where ever I lay my hat – that’s my home”.


There are a number of accommodation types as you travel the World. Ranging from hostels, hotels, B&Bs to studios, apartments and AirBnBs. There is something for everyone and every budget. And it is easy to book your accommodation in advance so you have somewhere for when you arrive.


Accommodation options


Thinking of hostel accommodation? Check out HostelWorld. If I am staying in a hostel I go to HostelWorld to compare and book a bed (or a family room if I am travelling with my family). 

Prefer something a bit more up-market than a hostel then compare and book with

In need of somewhere longer to stay? Consider Housesitting.

Don’t forget to take out travel insurance as you just never know if your accommodation might cancel on you. I mostly use WorldNomads Travel Insurance but have used other brands depending on what travel I am doing.


Accommodation Blogs


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