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The African continent is the second largest in the world. With 54 countries on the African continent none of them unfortunately have a working holiday visa agreement in place (see South Africa SWAP program below) that allows you to work and travel. This means that most visitors travel around and enjoy all the things that the countries on the African continent has to offer. Some work opportunities for the traveller to Africa can be found, including Teaching English in Morocco, Volunteering your time to help build schools and other infrastructure and being a Digital Nomad in Africa. Get ready to live, work and play in Africa.


Enjoy What Africa Has To Offer


So imagine experiencing the different indigenous cultures (of which there are many). Enjoying the spectacular scenery such as the Sahara, Table Mountain in South Africa or the Victoria Falls in Zambia and Zimbabwe. What about the Sossusviei Dunes in Namibia or Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Perhaps the Pyramids in Egypt are on your bucket list. You will also want to taste the varied cuisines from the coastal to inland areas.


Go on an African Safari


Top of your list when visiting Africa might be to get up close and personal with some of the unique native wildlife. What about mountain gorillas in Rwanda or the lions, elephants, hippopotamus’ and flamingos whilst on safari in Kenya.

With the wide variety of things to do you will need accommodation to come home to each night. I highly suggest you book your accommodation in advance. For accommodation in a hostel check out the HostelWorld website and for something a little more private and comfortable check out You may even get a job in one of the hostels or hotels. Read our blog on getting a job in a hostel.


Volunteer in Africa


Some people go to Africa on a pre-arranged volunteer program. There are a variety of programs available so you could find yourself teaching English in a school. Or perhaps working on a game reserve or helping build water wells in villages to ensure fresh drinking water is available or building huts for the locals to live in. If you have a medical background you may be providing medical treatment. There are many opportunities to volunteer if that is your passion. Unfortunately, not all volunteer programs pay you to volunteer for them, in many cases you are paying them to have a volunteering experience. The cost varies depending on the length of the volunteer period but each experience will allow you to immerse yourself in the local lifestyle.


Teach English in Africa


Some people find English Teaching positions in Africa. Such positions are particularly popular in the Northern African country of Morocco. Here you could base yourself to make some money and further your travels within Africa. If you are serious about teaching English to the locals then find out how to get started with a copy of our ebook. How to Teach English Abroad and Online. It has plenty of useful information on qualifications required, countries that have a great English teaching infrastructure plus a section on teaching English online.


South Africa Working Holiday


Currently Canadian students may work in South Africa for a 12 month period through SWAP Contact SWAP for details.


Be a Digital Nomad and find Remote Work in Africa


Remote work and working online, as you know, can be done from anywhere, so why not Africa? As long as you have somewhere to work that has great internet you will be able to undertake your online work and then be able to travel around Africa. For types of work that digital nomads and those working remotely do are wide and varied. Find out here how you can become a digital nomad.


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