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Working on a laptop for long periods while at home or travelling can cause pain and low productivity. I know, I sit at my laptop for many hours per day in different positions at a table, on the couch, in bed and sometimes on the sun lounge by my pool. As well as getting myself into uncomfortable positions I sometimes feel the heat from my laptop warming my legs, and that concerns me! If you are feeling pain, the heat and low productivity too fear not, I have discovered laptop stands. These great products allow me to work comfortably and in turn, makes me more productive. I have put together this post on the best laptop stands for work and travel to help you discover which one will suit you. Believe me, it has changed the way I work having one of these.


Choose the best Laptop Stand for Work and Travel


The past couple of years, thanks to the worldwide pandemic, sees more people working online. And they are doing this from a variety of places – their home, a coffee shop, a co-working space, a camper van and maybe from a hotel or hostel bed! Wherever you are working from, you will need a laptop stand that is versatile and fits into your required work space. So firstly, think about where you will be working from. Secondly, consider the features of different laptop stands  and what feature or features you require to work effectively in your workspace. To make the process of purchasing a laptop stand a whole lot easier for you, I have researched different laptop stands and put together a list of the features that you should consider.


Features of Laptop Stands to consider


Multi-use – the laptop stand fits all tablets and laptop models and sizes from 10 to 17 inches. They can accommodate, but are not limited to MacBook, MacBook Air, Macbook Pro, Notebook, Surface Laptop, Dell XPS, Google Pixelbook, HP, ASUS, Acer, Chromebook and more.

Design and adjustable Ergonomics – being able to adjust the stand ensures comfort while working. When comfortable, you are more productive and also a well designed laptop stand will help reduce and prevent spinal injuries from poor posture. Most laptop stands can be raised helping your laptop to be at eye height which helps to prevent strain on your neck and back caused by a forced downward posture.

Adjustable Stand – versatility to adjust to any level and is stable enough to hold a laptop without tipping. Some can be adjusted to a height that is suitable for you to stand while working. Standing while working can relieve muscle tension, reduce stress and increase your productivity.

Durable & Protective – made mostly from aluminium alloy material which is strong, rust and scratch-proof and light.

Ventilation & Cooling – made from metal heat conduction alloy so computer won’t overheat. Some have a ventilation hollow design to help with cooling to prevent overheating. 

Foldable, Lightweight and Portable – design allows the stand to be folded flat for easy portability. Then easily fits into laptop carry bag. The lightweight material means it doesn’t weigh you down.


Here is My List of Best Laptop Stands


I have personally tried out a number of laptop stands. I have one for home for my desk, well most of the time, my dining table, and one I take travelling with me. The one I travel with is also great for working in bed and on the couch. Here is my list of my favourite best laptop stands for work and travel.


Best Laptop Stand for a Desk


This is a great laptop stand for a desk. It is easy to set up and leave on the desk. It fits 11-17.3 inch laptops and is compatible with most brands. The height is adjustable up to 5.5 inches so it is ergonomically friendly. Heat dissipates with the airflow around your laptop. Easily folded to fit into your luggage so this laptop is great for home and travel.


Best Laptop Stand with a Phone Stand


If you like having your phone handy, then this laptop stand will be perfect. Ergonomically friendly for your body and keeps your laptop cool. And portable when you want to travel. It’s 11 inches wide so fits many brands of laptops and raises your laptop by 7.5 inches.


Best Laptop Stand for Standing at a Desk


This laptop stand can be raised from 1.18 to 21 inches making it great for when you want to stand at your desk but still allows you to sit if you prefer. Making this very ergonomically friendly. It fits most laptop sizes from 10 to 17 inches including MacBook Air, Microsoft Surface and Google Pixelbook. It is lightweight, yet still supports up to 22 lbs (10kg) laptop weights. This is the one I mostly use at home because it allows me to stand if I want to. 


Best Laptop Stand for Lying in Bed or Sitting on the Couch


This is my favourite laptop stand of all the laptop stands. I love it so much because it lets me work from anywhere, and I mean anywhere. While lying in bed, sitting on the couch or working at my dining table, either sitting or standing. It fits most types of laptop plus, it is so easy to fold up and take travelling. I find this laptop stand very versatile and it suits all my travel and work requirements.


Best Laptop Stand For Mounting to a Desk


If you like a little more versatility with movement of your laptop stand check out this beauty that mounts your laptop to the desk. It has a two-stage locking system that lets you not only move your laptop up and down but the arm lets you move it to sideway reading angles. Very versatile and compact so you can take it travelling.


Best Laptop Stand for Your Lap


This laptop stand is great if you like to work with your laptop on your lap. This could be on the couch at home or while travelling in a bus or train. Sturdy and adjustable with a place to put your phone. Also a rest cushion for your wrists to help stop any repetitive strain injuries.


Best Laptop Table


This adjustable and sturdy laptop table is great for lying in bed or sitting on the catch. Most laptops fit on the table. Has cooling devices to keep your laptop cool during long periods of work. Easy to set up and fold away when not required. 


Final Words on Purchasing a Laptop Stand for Work and Travel


Now if you are serious about being comfortable when you work and travel, so you are more productive, then you definitely need to purchase yourself a laptop stand. After years of pain from travelling the world and working on my laptop from many desks, beds and couches I am so glad I finally found my laptop stand. It has made such a difference. So purchase your’s now and start working while travelling more comfortable. If you use a laptop stand I would love to hear in the comments following.


Best Laptop Stands For Work and Travel PIN. An Adjustable Stand That Raises Your Laptop.

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