Best Packing Cubes for Travel – Keep Your Luggage Organised

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I’ve spent most of my life travelling to different locations around the world, sometimes on short trips and sometimes a lot longer. My luggage would always start off tidy. The longer I travelled the messier it would become and on many occasions I would be pulling my hair out because I was unable to find the piece of clothing I was looking for. If this sounds like you, then you, and I, are in luck because I have discovered packing cubes. Yes, packing cubes, they have revolutionised the way I pack. After using them on a number of trips now they have given me my sanity back as they keep my things organised and I can find them in record time. If you want to revolutionise your packing read my guide to the best packing cubes for travel and keep your luggage organised.

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What are Packing Cubes?


Packing cubes are luggage organisers. Basically they are fabric containers of varying sizes and shapes with zips that allow you to put your clothes and other things inside them. In a nutshell packing cubes can turn a messy bag into an organised bag. They are a great way to organise your luggage. As well as coming in different sizes, shapes and materials they also have different names such as packing cells, packing pods, travel packing bags and luggage organisers. What ever you want to call them packing cubes, when you use them, have a number of benefits. Here are eight benefits of using packing cubes that I have found along with my suggestions of the best packing cubes to organise your luggage.


Benefits of using Packing Cubes


There are a number of benefits to using packing cubes. Here are eight that I can think of.


Packing Cubes Come in a Variety of Sizes and Shapes


You would expect a packing cube to be the shape of a cube but they actually come in different shapes with varying length, width and height. Some are squares, others are rectangles while some can be long tubes. No matter what size or shape packing cubes are ideal to pack different clothes or anything else you want to stash inside them. Their size allows you to pack a number of them into your luggage whether that be your backpack, suitcase or daypack.


Organise Your Clothing to Make Identification Easier


Having different sizes and shapes allows you to put like items together. One packing cube for your underwear, one for your tops, one for your bottoms, etc. Some use one for dirty clothing or maybe you could pack a specific outfit with the accessories for a special event all in the one cube. Having your things organised will allow you to find them quicker. No more taking everything out of your luggage only to find what you are looking for at the bottom of your bottom.


Maximise Space with Packing Cubes


Packing cubes are easy to pack inside your luggage to help you maximise space. Not everyone will agree, but I find having different size packing cubes lets you pack and re-arrange your luggage so the cubes fit in. Have a look at the before and after packing photo scenarios. You can also get compression packing cubes that compress the air out of the cubes to help you maximise your space.


Keep Clothes Neat and Minimise Wrinkles


No matter how well you pack there will always be a few wrinkles in your clothing, even when rolling clothing. By filling the packing cubes to capacity with neatly folded or rolled garments will help your items stay in place. Less movement will lead to less wrinkled clothes.


Packing Cubes are Made from Different Durable Materials


Having packing cubes made from different durable material may not excite everyone, but for some reason it does me. They can be made from fabric, plastic and mesh with zippers and / or a drawstring. I like the ones that have a mesh top so I can see what is inside. The mesh also lets my clothes breath. The cubes are usually closed with a zip or drawstring to ensure things are safe and sound. Plastic cubes are usually water resistant which can be great for keeping wet clothes away from dry clothes. Also, if you are ever caught in the rain the waterproof material will help keep your items dry.


Make Packing and Repacking Easier


Packing and repacking your bag will be made easier because you can easily pull out one packing cube to get the item you are wanting. You won’t need to wade through piles of clothes and then have to repack the clothes you have just waded through. You will only need to repack the cube and put it back in your luggage.


A Range of Colours


Packing cubes come in different colours. You could buy a couple or more sets so you can use different colours to identify different clothing. So you could have all your underwear in one colour, tops in another and so on. Different colours come in handy when you are travelling with other people like kids. You can put different people’s clothes in different colours to identify whose has what clothes. 


Don’t have to Unpack, Keep your Things in the Packing Cubes


If you like to unpack when you reach your destination and put things away in draws you don’t need to unpack your packing cubes. Simply put the cubes in the draws and take things out of the packing cubes when needed. Simple.

I believe you will agree these are 8 very good reasons why you should invest in packing cubes. They will revolutionise the way you pack. I’m not just saying that, I truly believe this after using them a number of times now and they have helped make my travels easier.


How to Pack with Packing Cubes?


There is no right or wrong way on how to use packing cubes. There are different ways to categorise what you put in your packing cubes and that will be up to you. My biggest tip to you is to fill the packing cube, not overfill or under-fill it. Overfilling can cause stress on the zipper or drawstring. While under-filling may cause wrinkles in clothes. But just like you pack ordinarily, you can try packing your clothes flat or rolling them within the packing cube. Whatever works for you.


Best Packing Cubes to Buy


There are a lot of packing cubes out there in the marketplace so you may be thinking, ‘how do I choose the best packing cubes me’? I suggest you consider where you are going, what you are taking, how you are travelling and then work it out from there. Packing cubes are ver adaptable. There are best packing cubes for backpacking. Best packing cubes for families. Ultralight packing cubes for those times you need to travel light. Yes, packing cubes are very versatile. Here are some of the best packing cubes on the market to help you organise your luggage. 


Veken 6 Set Packing Cubes

Lots of options of use for this set of packing cubes. Comes with a laundry bag and shoe bag.


Eagle Creek Packing Cubes

Keep your suitcase organised with these Eagle Creek Packing Cubes. Great for those overnight or short trips.


Mossio 7 Piece Packing Cube Set

Don’t let the pretty patterns of the Mossio 7 Piece Packing Cube deter you. They are made from a strong material and come in different sizes to take travelling, camping, hiking or even to yoga class.


Samsonite Compression Packing Cubes

Easy to see through and don’t take up much room as you squeeze the air out of these compression packing cubes.


Pro Packing Cubes for Travel

You can’t go wrong with this 10 piece luggage organiser. Just look at the different sizes which will fit into different configurations in choice of luggage.


Keep Your Accessories Organised Too


As well as keeping your clothes organised keep all your other travel accessories organised. Add to your packing cubes, a specific bra and underwear cube, a garment bag and shoe bags. Not really a packing cube but a toiletry bag will also keep all your toiletries organised. 


Bra and Underwear Organiser

Keep all your underwear together in a bra and underwear organiser for your luggage.


Yamiu Travel Shoe Bags

With a set of these you can keep your shoes protected while in your luggage plus, keep other items protected from the shoes if they happen to be wet or dirty.


Garment Bag

If travelling with a suit or special outfit keep it safe in a garment bag.


Toiletry Bag

A toiletry bag with a hook for hanging is a great addition to packing cubes for your travels. Keep all you toiletries together in a waterproof bag.


Do Packing Cubes Really Work To Keep My Things Organised? Absolutely!


I have met many people whose packing has been revolutionised by using packing cubes. They really do work and keep your luggage organised. Which ever way you decide to pack with packing cubes I guarantee adding packing cubes will change your chaotic luggage into organised luggage. Happy Packing!


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Packing Cubes Make Clothes Tidy In A Suitcase.

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