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Route 66 is synonymous as being one of the great road trips of the world. Hell, it has had songs written about it – Get Your Kicks on Route 66 was penned by Bobby Troup while driving on Route 66. It’s been mentioned in the novel ‘The Grapes of Wrath  and people come from all over the world to discover why a road trip on Route 66 is so special. Well if you are planning to drive Route 66, then here are some great things to see and do on your Route 66 road trip.

Thanks to a car-friendly culture and an unrivalled network of highways, taking a road trip across America is very appealing. And if you are looking for inspiration for a USA road trip look no further than Route 66. This great American road trip starts in Chicago and ends at Santa Monica Pier in California. Of course, you can do the trip in reverse or even deviate off the road. 

This Route 66 itinerary is a 1 month driving itinerary in the USA so you will need a vehicle. This could be a car or a van. If you don’t have one you can rent one, get availability and a great rate here. If you aren’t taking your accommodation with you such as in a van, you will need to find accommodation at each nightly stop. I haven’t recommended accommodation places in this road trip as you may pull into a town and decide to stay. I have often pulled into a town and walked into a motel that looks appealing and asked for a room, so I presume this is what you will do to. Or you can book accommodation in advance. Check out Booking.com for accommodation here.


Route 66 FAQs


What is Route 66?

Route 66 or ‘Mother Road’ is basically a road, but not just any old road, it is one of America’s original highways having its original beginnings in 1926. It started when a number of highways were amalgamated to form Route 66 that runs from Chicago, Illinois to Los Angeles, California. From 1926 until mid 1960s it was the main road from Chicago to LA, now there are many. 


Why Was it Known as the Mother Road?


Route 66 was known as the Mother Road because it symbolised mobility and freedom. For hundreds of years Americans sought opportunities, opportunities they found by moving west. And Route 66 was the road, that took them west.


Why is Route 66 so Famous?


The road was promoted by the US 66 Highway Association as the ‘shortest, best and most scenic route’ between Chicago and Los Angeles. Many believed them, and many have travelled Route 66 because of this.

Which American States Does Route 66 Travel Through?

Route 66 crosses 8 states. Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. It stopped being a highway in the 1950s when it was replaced by freeways that were quicker to travel on to get you where you wanted to go. But you can still travel on parts of Route 66.


What is the Speed Limit along Route 66?


The speed limits vary along Route 66 between 35 to 65 mph.

Where to Start or End Your Road Trip Route 66?

Route 66 starts or ends in Chicago in Illinois and starts or ends in Santa Monica in Los Angeles, California. It is up to you where you start and finish, and you don’t necessarily need to start or finish in Chicago or Santa Monica. You can drive just some parts of it as it is so long and travels across two thirds of the USA.

How Long is Route 66 & How Long to Drive it?

It’s distance is 2,448 miles or 3940 km long and would take around 52 hours, that’s a couple of days, to drive it if you drove non-stop. But as well as being a great way to travel across America it has a lot to see along the way. I suggest maybe 3-4 weeks so you can stop and visit many of the best and iconic spots along the way and those you want to deviate off Route 66 too. 


Best Time to Drive Route 66


Anytime is a good time to drive along Route 66 though many say late Spring to early Summer is the best time. This is because the weather is nicer and the road and most businesses along the road are open.


What is the Best Vehicle to Drive Route 66?


Some say a classic road requires a classic car. If you cannot get your hands on a Ford Mustang or a Chevrolete Corvette, then any car or Winnebago will do.


Where to Stay Along Route 66

I’ve established that Route 66 is long and cannot be drive in a day, therefore you will need accommodation at some point along Route 66. Now Route 66 having such a long history has many historic, quaint and quirky hotels you can stay in along the road. Some of them aren’t on the internet and you can only find stay at them by driving past. The best way to ensure you have accommodation is to book through a third party site such as Booking.com. 

Best Places to See Along Route 66 – East to West


There are many places to see along Route 66, here are some recommended by fellow travel bloggers. Check out the map I have designed to show you where some of the best things to see and do are along Route 66.


Route 66 Road Trip Map showing what to see in which USA states.



Route 66 Distance: Chicago, Illinois to border of Missouri – around 300 miles or 484km.




First stop is the Windy City – Chicago. This is where Route 66 begins and ends if you are travelling west to east. And you can’t do a road trip without starting somewhere. It is well worth your while to spend a few days in Chicago. And will it be windy? Well, based on early records, the nickname originated from windstorms in the area and also because it was thought, some people were known for being full of hot air! 


Best things to see and do in Chicago


  • Start your visit to Chicago on the Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour which will take you to all the best spots in Chicago. Then you can choose which ones you wish to return to.
  • Relax in Grant and Millennium Parks. Both parks are great to relax in, have a picnic or walk around.
  • Enjoy a Deep-dish Pizza. Chicago is known for deep-dish pizzas so definitely try this local favourite.


Say goodbye to Chicago.


Historic Route 66 Begin Sign in Chicago. Brown and White Sign.

Start your Route 66 drive at the sign on the northwest corner of Adams Street and Michigan Avenue.


Why not get a photo if you can to commemorate the beginning of this iconic USA road trip journey. Leaving Chicago the road heads southwest through rural Midwestern towns. There are plenty of classic motel neon, vintage petrol stations, classic diners and historic bridges along the way till you get to the Mississippi River and East St. Louis. You may even spot a few Muffler Men! But first, enjoy some ice cream and learn more about Abraham Lincoln while in Illinois.


Carl’s Ice Cream,  Normal, IL

Favourite Place on Route 66 of Tanya @ Travels & Treasure 

Carls Ice Cream Factory with Statue of Carl in front of store on Route 66 in Illinois.

Carl’s Ice Cream Factory


If you scream for ice cream parlors, then this college town on Route 66 is an absolute must-lick! Located in Illinois, Carl’s Ice Cream is a whimsical wonderland of frozen delights. 

You will be impressed with the historic exterior where a towering 15-foot statue awaits with a man clutching an ice cream cone in one hand and a cheeseburger in the other. These statues are known as Muffler Men because they were built strong to withstand nature’s elements and steal the spotlight in advertisements. 

We stopped here for lunch and enjoyed a salad, grilled chicken sandwich with fries, and ice cream, of course!  Carl’s Ice Cream isn’t just a piece of nostalgia, it’s a roadside haven for travelers.

In addition to soft-serve ice cream cones, they have malts, frozen yogurt, freeze pops, novelty ice cream sandwiches, and frozen lattes on the menu. We loved the variety of ice cream flavors.  Everything is prepared on order, even the salads!  The food is good but because it is prepared fresh, however, it took a bit longer than normal.  

Don’t miss this classic roadside stop on your Route 66 road trip! 

Find Carl’s Ice Cream at1700 W College. Normal, IL


Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum, Springfield IL

Favourite Place on Route 66 of Sophie @ Delightful Travel Notes


Abraham Lincoln and family in front of Whitehouse in the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum along Route 66 in Illinois.

Lincoln and his family in front of the White House at the museum


A must-stop destination on the historic Route 66 and in Central Illinois is the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield, Illinois. The museum takes visitors on an amazing journey through time, immersing in the life of one of America’s greatest leaders. From his childhood to his tragic assassination, every aspect of Abraham Lincoln’s remarkable story was vividly brought to life.

Walking through the exhibits made me feel like being transported to the past. The museum recreates scenes from Lincoln’s life with the combination of artifacts, multimedia presentations and interactive displays. As a result, it makes learning about his life as well as this period in American history engaging to visitors of all ages.

The exhibits not only shed light on Lincoln’s personal life, career and achievements but also offer an overview of the Civil War and its significance. The show “Ghosts of the Library” is a highlight at the museum. Visitors will also get to explore the tragic events surrounding his assassination, understand the circumstances leading to it and the nation’s mourning.

Overall, the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum is one of the best places to learn about the life and legacy of Abraham Lincoln. Don’t miss the chance to stop by while you are on Route 66. History enthusiasts, families and museum lovers will enjoy this place. The Lincoln Home National Historic Site is also within walking distance from the museum.




Route 66 Distance Across Missouri – 317 miles (510 km)


St. Louis

Favourite place on Route 66 of Chelsea @ Adventures of Chels


St Louis Gateway Arch. A large arch offering great views over St Louis.

You cannot miss the Gateway Arch standing tall in St Louis


A great place to visit along Route 66 is the city of St. Louis.  With numerous sites to see and experiences to have, St. Louis is a great place to spend a day or even two along Route 66.

No trip to St. Louis is complete without a visit to the 630 foot tall Gateway Arch. The Gateway Arch is a monument built to recognize westward expansion. Take a ride to the top of the arch for great views of the city and the Mississippi River. Learn historical information about St. Louis and its significance during the westward expansion. Swing by the Old Courthouse to see where the Dred Scott case was heard, and consider taking a boat ride along the Mississippi River to see where it connects with the Missouri River. If you’re in town during baseball season, catch a Cardinals game at Busch Stadium.

St. Louis is a fun town filled with both historical significance and modern day fun and activities.  Enjoy your time there!




Route 66 Distance Across Kansas: 12.8 miles (21 km)


Route 66 passes through the USA state of Kansas but the road is only 12.8 miles long. So your visit to Kansas is short and sweet, and if you don’t stop, you may only be in the state for half an hour or so. The route passes through three towns – Galena, Riverton, and Baxter Springs. Galena is home to Kan-O-Tex, the gasoline station from Disney’s Cars movie. There is also a bronze marker from 1952 that promotes the Warner Brothers film ‘The Will Rogers Story’. So you could extend your half hour visit by stopping to see a few interesting things or trying a bit of Turkey hunting before moving on to Oklahoma.



Route 66 Distance Across Oklahoma: 400 miles (644 km)


The Blue Whale of Catoosa, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Favourite Spot on Route 66 of Cassie @ Cassiescompass.com


Blue Whale of Catoosa on Route 66 Road Trip.

Cheeky Blue Whale of Catoosa


My favorite stop on Route 66 is the Blue Whale of Catoosa. It is located in Catoosa, which is just 10 minutes outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The massive blue whale sits in a pond just off the highway. Its size is truly impressive, especially considering it was handmade by one grandfather for his family. The pond is a great place to cool off on a hot day. There are picnic tables nearby if you want to enjoy a snack. You can also catch and release fish there if you want. My favorite part of the whale is climbing inside and seeing the handiwork and love that went into its creation. There’s just something about the smiling Blue Whale that will also bring a smile to your face. It truly embodies classic Americana. So if you’re looking for a great Route 66 road trip stop, be sure to check out the Blue Whale of Catoosa!


Pops, Arcadia Oklahoma

Favourite Spot on Route 66 of Lisa @ Planning Away


Pops Sign on Route 66 Road Trip.
Pops Soda Bottle with orange soda with Route 66 Sign on front of bottle.

Pops Soda along Route 66


My family LOVES POPS!  It is one of the best stops on Route 66.  Pops is located in Arcadia Oklahoma, just 25 minutes north of Oklahoma City.

Pops is a gas station?! What?! Yes, it is a gas station, however, it is one of the coolest gas stations on Route 66. It is called pops because it offers over 700 different flavors of soda! Most of these are in glass bottles.  

My kids love collecting the pop bottles.  Each time we visit, we typically buy a six-pack. We love to try all the orange sodas, or root beer flavors and judge which one tastes the best. There are some very unique flavors available as well as normal flavors you will find everywhere else.

Pops also has a diner, which serves up some delicious all-American food.  If you are traveling along Route 66, this is the perfect place to eat.  If you need a break there is outdoor seating and a large area where your kids can run around and play.  Pops is one of the best things to do in OKC with kids.

The best part about Pops is the iconic sign out front. It is a 66-foot neon sign in the shape of a pop bottle.  At night it glows brightly! It is a modern-day roadside attraction you have to visit along Route 66.

I highly recommend taking the time to visit Pops and picking out some of the unique soda options and getting the perfect pic in front of the POPS sign!




Route 66 Distance Across Texas: 177 miles (284 km)


Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo

Favourite spot of Kylie @ Between England and Iowa


Cadillac Range along Route 66, Road Trip, USA.

Cadillacs at Cadillac Ranch


One of the best road trips in the USA is Route 66! This US road trip is 2448 miles long and stretches from Chicago, all the way to Los Angeles. How long does it take to do Route 66? Ideally it’s best to take at least 2 weeks. There is so much to see and do you could easily take twice as long to complete it! Our total drive time was 85 hours (including stops). There were a couple of days where we were on the road for 12 hours getting from A to B!

Some highlights of the route include the giant roadside attractions. The Blue Whale in OK. Cadillac Ranch in TX  where 10 Cadillac cars are half buried in the ground that people are able to spray paint. Staying in a concrete wigwam in AZ and finally, the Oatman Highway segment. The Disney Pixar ‘Cars’ movie is based on real life people and places along the route, which brings another fun element to the road trip!

It’s very easy to add side trips while driving along Route 66. Many people opting to visit Santa Fe in New Mexico, the Grand Canyon or Las Vegas. But a highlight is the Cadillac Range.


New Mexico


Route 66 Distance Across New Mexico: 535 miles (862 km)


New Mexico in the Southwest has a combination of hot springs, forests, deserts and mountains to explore. Throw in great food, art galleries and museums. Maybe even take a drive down the Turquoise Trail – a scenic byway connecting Santa Fe to Albuquerque. It commemorates the state’s mining history. Some other favourite spots to enjoy in New Mexico:


Ojo Santa Fe Hot Springs, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Favourite spot on Route 66 of Monica @ This Rare Earth


Ojo Santa Fe Hot Springs along Route 66.

Relax in a hot spring at Ojo Hot Springs


Located just off of historic Route 66, in Santa Fe, NM, is the beautiful and tranquil Ojo Santa Fe Hot Springs. This is a spot you can’t miss when driving through New Mexico’s Route 66!

This is a must-see for anyone looking to recharge in the beauty of nature during the long drive. At Ojo Hot Springs, visitors can unwind and relax in the calm atmosphere created by the bubbling hot springs nestled within a scenic forest. The warm waters of the springs are said to have healing properties that can help soothe aches, pains and stress.

With several pools available, each with its own unique temperature and characteristics, guests can choose the perfect spot to immerse themselves in the rejuvenating waters. In addition to the hot springs, the resort features a variety of amenities such as a sauna with essential oil aromatherapy, yoga and meditation rooms, and delicious dining.

Spending a day or two relaxing and recharging at Ojo Hot Springs on your Route 66 road trip is an experience not to be missed.



Favourite Place of Denise @ Chef Denise


Wander the Streets of Albuquerque.

Wander the streets of Albuquerque


Albuquerque, New Mexico is undoubtedly one of my favorite places on Route 66. It has so much history and character, it’s one of those places that almost feels like you’ve left the country. Located in the heart of the state, Route 66 runs right through ABQ as they call it.

With an abundance of local attractions there is no shortage of fun things to do, so I’d suggest spending the night. Or a few. Albuquerque claims to be the ballooning capital of the world. So, stay at a hotel where you can see them lining the sky in the early hours of the morning like Sandia Hotel.

My preferred activity is to walk around the Old Town admiring the Pueblo-style architecture, the beautiful pottery, paintings and local jewelry. It’s a great way to discover the best of Albuquerque’s Southwestern art and it’s history.

I also recommend checking out Albuquerque Breweries on a non-driving day, of course. In ABQ they offer a glimpse into local life and some will have live music or other activities nightly. The craft beer scene is definitely happening here and many of these breweries have great food too. 

But there are many great restaurants too! Taste the authentic flavors of New Mexican cuisine at the historic High Noon Restaurant and Saloon whose building dates back to 1785. Also try the ABQ favorites Mary and Tito’s and the Frontier Restaurant, which looks like a barn and has been in business since 1971. You can’t go wrong!




Route 66 Distance Across Arizona: 385 miles (619 km)


You will know you’ve crossed from New Mexico into Arizona when you see the large, bright white Teepee Trading Post advertising jewelry, pottery, kachinas and southwest souvenirs. This is a good little place to pull over to use the restroom, grab some food and a drink and maybe load up on souvenirs. 

Next stop along Route 66 in Arizona could be:


Petrified Forest National Park

Favourite place on Route 66 of Anwar @ Beyond My Door 


Teepee Rock Formations in Petrified Forest Arizona along Route 66.

Teepee Hills in Petrified Forest National Park


Located along the Arizona portion of Route 66, Petrified Forest National Park is one of the most popular places to explore. The National Park protects incredible desert ecosystems as well as the petrified forest parts of the park as well. Visitors can explore hiking trails through quite a few petrified forest areas as well as old mesas and interesting geological formations.

There’s lots of opportunities for front and backcountry hiking. However, much of the park is designated for day-use only except for some backcountry camping opportunities. There’s quite a few interesting pueblos that can be explored in the area. Ones that used petrified forest pieces for construction.

There’s a small Route 66 display within the park that signifies where the historic Route 66 passed through the current park. The old route cut through the middle of the park near where the current Route I-40 now lies.

Collecting petrified forest pieces in the Petrified Forest park is prohibited. There are opportunities to purchase polished pieces collected outside the park from the gift shops.



 Favourite Place on Route 66 of Kelsey @ Out of Office Mindset


Horseshoe Bend near Page, Arizona, USA.

Horseshoe Bend


Page, AZ is a bit longer of a detour off Route 66 at 2 hours of driving time but well worth it! In Page, you will find 3 of the most iconic sites in America: Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Canyon, and Lake Powell.

If you can stay in Page overnight, you’ll have enough time to visit all three sites over the course of a day and a half. Otherwise, you could see two of the sites in a short day detour.

The Colorado River has created the breathtaking natural wonder known as Horseshoe Bend. To visit Horseshoe Bend, you will pay a fee per car to park at the parking lot and then walk 3/4ths of a mile to the viewpoint. The path is spacious, has gentle slopes, and is stroller and wheelchair friendly.

Antelope Canyon is a collection of slot canyons with magnificent sandstone formations that are famous for their distinct and other-worldly appearance. The canyons are on Navajo Nation land and must be visited with a certified guide. This is to protect the formations.

Lastly, Lake Powell is the second largest man-made lake in North America. It has over 2,000 miles of shoreline and a beautiful backdrop of buttes, which makes for an epic kayaking or camping experience. You can also take a boat tour and explore some of the most remote areas around the lake.

Page, AZ is a must-see destination a couple of hours off Route 66 and offers plenty of awesome activities!


Grand Canyon

Favourite Route 66 deviation of Meg @ Fox in the Forest


Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA.

Grand Canyon


Not on Route 66, but 4 hours or so north – yes, you will need to deviate, but this is a great deviation – is the Grand Canyon National Park.

If you’re looking for the best stops along Route 66 then you cannot beat a side trip to the Grand Canyon.

After all, the Grand Canyon is easily one of the most famous national parks in the world and is home to stunning layers of multi-colored rock that can be seen from Mather Point, Yavapai Observation Station, and Desert View Watchtower.

And while the Grand Canyon isn’t located directly on Route 66, it sits only 54 miles north of Williams and 75 miles northwest of Flagstaff.

Therefore, make a side trip to this awe-inspiring place so that you can see this mile-deep canyon in Arizona and enjoy some of the best viewpoints along the Grand Canyon.

Plus, you can easily do the 25-mile-long  Desert View Drive. It begins in Grand Canyon Village along the South Rim and takes you past Navajo Point, Moran Point, and Grandview Point where you can watch the sunset.

However, if you need a bit of exercise then try the Bright Angel Trailhead to Indian Garden Campground. Not only are the views and scenery stunning, but it’s one of the safer trails in the park due to the presence of rangers in the area.



Favourite spot on Route 66 of Jenny @ Global Game Plan


Kingman Signs along Route 66.

Route 66 Signs in Kingman


There are so many Route 66 stops in Arizona it’s easy to include them in your road trip plans. Kingman, Arizona is situated along the route in between several other locations. Like Oatman and Seligman, and about 100 miles from Las Vegas, so it’s the perfect stop for your Route 66 road trip.

I was excited to see so many unique Route 66 signs, museums and building murals throughout the city of Kingman. You can get your Arizona Route 66 passport stamped at the Kingman Visitor’s Center. This is one of the city’s main attractions which also houses a museum and gift shop offering many awesome souvenirs. In its parking lot, you can participate in the best photo opp ever. By driving your car underneath the Kingman arch to make it seem like your car is a part of the old-fashioned “Mother Road.”  You definitely will want to include Kingman on your Route 66 itinerary.




Route 66 Distance Across California: 315 miles (507 km)

Last state to cross on this Route 66 road trip – almost to the finish!


Peggy Sue’s Diner, Yermo, California

Favourite spot of Mary @ Be Right Back Mary


Peggy Sue Diner on Route 66.

Get Dancing at Peggy Sue’s Diner


Peggy Sue’s 50’s Diner was built in 1954 and was later renovated and reopened in 1987. The diner is one of the best stops on Route 66 for several reasons including its history and its decor. Just like some of the historical hotels on Route 66, Peggy Sue’s 50’s Diner is decorated in a vintage and retro style. In the diner, you’ll find counter stools, tables and booths just like in the movies. The walls of Peggy Sue’s are covered in frames with historical images and photos that some would call Route 66 memorabilia. The diner features several rooms, jukeboxes and replicas of famous American singers. On the outside, the diner looks like a giant jukebox which immediately immerses you in the 50’s. The diner also serves delicious American food like pancakes and fried chicken!

Peggy Sue’s 50’s Diner is located in Yermo, on the Californian section of Route 66. It is easily accessible from Route 66 and visitors can park on a large parking lot.


Paramount Studios, Hollywood

Favourite Spot on Route 66 of Rebecca @ Veggies Abroad


Even if you’re not a major movie buff taking a detour off Route 66 to tour Paramount Studios is a must-do activity! Paramount is headquartered in Hollywood and has been home to some of the most popular films and TV series like The Transformers, Mission Impossible, American Horror Story, and many more.

The guided tour takes you behind the scenes on famous sets and up close and personal to celebrity-worn costumes and popular props. The guide will also explain how they’ve been able to turn parking lots into vast oceans and turn an ordinary street into NYC or London.

After your tour, head just a couple of blocks down the street from Paramount Studios to Café Gratitude for all-day brunch faves, hearty veggie-packed bowls, and more — it’s one of the best vegan restaurants in LA.


Santa Monica Pier

End of the road and favourite spot of Kanu @ My Lost Camel

Santa Monica Pier at the end of Route 66 Road Trip.

End of the road at Santa Monica Pier


Santa Monica Pier with its iconic Route 66 ‘End of the Trail’ sign is one of the best spots to visit on Route 66. Out of all the things to do in Los Angeles, the pier always comes at the top of every list. Santa Monica Pier sits on the most beautiful part of Californian coast. The Malibu mountains visible to the right and the coast snaking down towards San Diego to the left. The pier itself houses the famous Pacific Park. This is the west coast’s only amusement park on a pier. Right next to it is Bubba Gump Shrimp where you can taste fresh seafood while watching the sun set behind the ocean. Two steps down from the restaurant you will find people tanning, playing volleyball or surfing in the barreling water of Southern California on Santa Monica Beach. Santa Monica Pier is the only stop on Route 66 with ocean, sand and fun right at its doorstep!


Are You Ready to take a Road Trip on Route 66?

If you’ve done a Route 66 road trip or part of it, I’d love to hear from you the comments below. Or if you want to contribute to this post please get in contact.

Congratulations! You have reached the end of the Mother Road—and by now you know it’s not the destination that matters, it’s the journey. But whether the Santa Monica Pier is your ending or starting point, take some time to celebrate and reflect. With more than 2,000 miles of classic neon, motels, larger-than-life roadside attractions, museums, diners, and countless colorful characters, it should be obvious why the allure of Route 66 is as strong as ever. The road may look different today than it did decades ago—or even yesterday—but that’s all part of the fun.


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