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There are ‘Best times’ to travel the world. The biggest influence on your decision to visit a particular place can be the weather.

Many people travel during the ‘best time’ because the weather is at its best however, this time is often the high season and you will be faced with overcrowded tourist attractions and high accommodation and travel costs.

If you prefer the warmth you are better off travelling during warm months however, don’t let cold weather deter you as winter can be a magical time of year particularly with the Christmas lights, chestnuts roasted on street corners, shoppers scurrying to sales, enjoying warm ales by a log fire or skiing or snowboarding the days away.

The following gives you an idea of the ‘best time’ and possibly the most expensive time to travel. Though I believe any time is a good time to travel.


Summer time is from December to February while winter is during June to August. Summers can be very hot and humid so the best time to visit is during the winter months of June to October.


Australia is a huge country with different climates occurring at any particular time. Summer is from December to February while winter is from June to August. The northern parts of Australia (Queensland, Northern Territory and the top half of Western Australia) are best from May to September as this is the dry season. The wet season is from November to March when it is hot and humid with a cyclone or two. The southern parts of Australia are best visited during the summer months however, you can still visit during the winter months but the weather can be very cold with snow falling in the New South Wales and Victorian ski areas.


There is plenty of rain during summer, June to December when it is hurricane season. Winters are quite mild and sometimes cool.


The ‘best time’ to visit Bali and other parts of Indonesia is during June to October when the weather is very nice with hot days and balmy nights. The wet season is during November to April.


Mostly hot and humid all year-round with heavy monsoon rains in the summer months of June to September.


Generally warm and sunny year-round. The driest months are December to June with most rain falling from July to November during the hurricane season.


Brazil is a large country with varying climates. Overall it has a tropical climate with the Amazon Basin being very hot and humid year-round. Rio de Janiero is hot and tropical with sunny summers (December to March) and mild winters (June to August).


On the whole, Canada has hot summers and harsh winters. Some say, winter lasts for 9 months of the year. The warmest time to visit Canada is between June to September (summer) however, if you are a snow enthusiast snowfalls can start in early October and finish in late April providing you with plenty of time to enjoy the snow.

China/Hong Kong 

China is such a huge country with weather conditions varying from one area to the next. The north has an extreme continental climate with harsh winters (December to March) with dry and sunny summers (May to August). There are two ‘best times’ to visit China and they are from April to May and September to October. It can be very cold in north China from November to March.

The best time to visit Hong Kong is April to May or October to November. It can be very hot and humid from June to August with possible typhoons in July to September.


Egypt has hot summers (June to September) and mild winters. The best time to visit is May or October to November. Cairo is hot and sunny year-round as it has a desert climate with next to no rain.


Summer time in Europe is from June to August. Summers are cooler in the north and can get quite hot in the south. Winter is from December to March when it can be extremely cold with many countries experiencing snow. If you are a ski enthusiast this is the best time to visit as you will have a huge choice of ski areas to choose from. Spring and autumn are usually the wettest times in Northern Europe however, many people travel in these seasons as tourist attractions aren’t as crowded as during summer. Also, travel and accommodation can be cheaper. Travelling Europe during winter can be magical with all the Christmas lights, the roasting of chestnuts and sitting in warm coffee shops watching the world go by.


Although a state of the United States of America, the climate in Hawaii is very different from mainland America. The climate is tropical and warm year-round. The wettest months are December and January.


The ‘best time’ to visit India is during October to April before the monsoon season in late May to September. April to June can be extremely hot and uncomfortable for travelling.


Japan has warm sunny springs, hot humid summers with cold winters with heavy snow in the Alps. The country is subject to earthquakes, monsoons, typhoons and tidal waves. The ‘best time’ to visit Japan is during April to June (Spring) and September to October (Autumn) unless you are snow enthusiast then the winter months (December to February) would be ideal.


Tropical weather on the coast. Chilly evenings in the highlands. Rainy season is April to June.


Malaysia is hot and humid throughout the year with the wet season on the east coast from October to February and west coast from September to December.


Tropical, hot and humid year-round. The summer months are October to May, which is the most popular time to visit. The South-west of the country experiences a lot of rain with some violent storms.


Mexico is a large country with a number of climates. The north and north-west are dry while the far south is tropical with heavy rainfall. The wettest months are July to September. Some of the Mexican coast faces the Caribbean Sea making it great for a beach vacation.

Middle East 

The Middle East can be very hot during summer from June to August with hot days and cool evenings, typical desert weather. Winter is December to March when snow falls can occur in the mountains. Spring and Autumn are usually the best times to visit this region.


July to October sees a warm monsoonal climate. Best time to go trekking is October and November after the monsoon season but February to April is also good.

New Zealand 

New Zealand consists of two major islands with quite varying climate. The North Island has warm and humid summers (November to February) and cold winters (June to August). The South Island is cooler than the north and in winter many people like to visit the world-renowned ski areas.

The Pacific 

There are many islands in the Pacific. Mostly they have tropical weather where it is hot all year-round. The wettest months are November to April when it is hot, humid and stormy and you may see a cyclone or two.


Hot all year round in the jungles. Cooler in the mountains during the day but it can get very cold at night. The coastal dry season in Peru is December to March. The best trekking in Peru is during May to July.

Russian Federation 

This huge land mass has large weather variations from sub-arctic in the north to hot, dry desert like to Mediterranean climates further south. The coldest months are November to March which sees a lot of cold weather and snow. Summer – June, July and August are often the hottest and best months to visit.

South Africa 

South Africa is a large country with a diverse climate. The coast around Cape Town is temperate being wet and cold in winter and hot and sunny during the summer months (November to March). Johannesburg has dry, sunny, mild winters and warm and sunny summers. Best time to visit is October to January.


Generally hot and humid throughout the year, particularly during the monsoon season from May to October. November to February is cooler and the best time to travel the north and west of the country. Ko Samui, a popular destination off the east coast is best from May to September.

United States of America 

Summer is June to August and winter December to February. The country is so big and vast that it can be hot in one area and snowing in another. The northern states, those closer to Canada, such as Alaska is best visited between May and September when it is warmer however, if you like the snow winter may suit you better. Further south of the country the weather is hotter however there are some high mountain ranges that provide great skiing/boarding.


South Vietnam has a dry season December to April with the hottest months being February to May. South Vietnam has the wettest season from June to August. North Vietnam has cold winters from November to April while the dry season is May to October when it can become quite hot.

Best time for game viewing is May to October. The wet season is November to March.

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