Being uncomfortable, tired, and cranky are feelings no one wants when travelling in their long-haul or overnight travel. To combat these feelings people use travel pillows. Now travel pillows have been around a long time. Some people swear by them while others think they just look embarrassing! But travel pillows have evolved from the plastic blow-up u-shaped ones, which by the way, are still available to new whiz bang travel pillows of different shapes and sizes that provide the support you need when sleeping. So which model of travel pillow is worth your time and money you ask? Well here are some contenders for travel pillows that can be used in cars, buses, trains and planes or where ever you might be sleeping in a seat.


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Why Buy A Travel Pillow?


The main reason, and probably the only reason to buy a travel pillow is to help you wake up from sleep on your transport without any soreness and other aches and pains. Because with a good rest you can continue your travels without being tired and cranky. It is pretty simple really, a travel pillow is a cost-effective way to support your neck, head and shoulders and allows you to sleep more comfortable.


How to Choose The Best Travel Neck Pillow For Long and Overnight Trips


When choosing a travel pillow you need to take some factors into account – shape, material it is made from, lightness and price. The u-shaped travel pillow is the most popular and they can be made from different materials. They could be plastic and inflatable, memory foam, soft beads or made from other materials. And you want them to be lightweight and foldable so you can pack it away easily. Price is also a big consideration when choosing your travel pillow however, I suggest you don’t compromise your comfort over price. While choosing the best travel pillow for yourself what might make you feel comfortable.


Best Travel Pillows For Long Trips


These are the best travel pillows to shop:

  1. Best Travel Pillow With Secret Support: Trtl Pillow
  2. Best Travel Pillow for the Window Seat: J Pillow
  3. Best Travel Pillow for Heads That Bobble Forward: BCozzy Travel Pillow – Great For Kids too
  4. Best Travel Pillow for the Can’t-get-comfortable Person: Huzi Design Infinity Pillow
  5. Best Travel Pillow for Moulding Around You: Travelrest Curl Memory Foam Pillow
  6. Best Travel Pillow for Shameless Shut-eye: Travelrest All-in-One Pillow
  7. Best Travel Pillow for Discreet Propping up of Head: Nemo Fillo HQ Pillow
  8. Best Travel Pillow for the Bobblehead Sleeper: Sea to Summit Aeros
  9. Best Travel Pillow for Forward Sleepers: Cloudz EZ Inflatable Pillow
  10. Best Travel Pillow to keep your Head Warm: Luxury Memory Foam Neck Travel Pillow With Hoodie
  11. Best Travel Pillow for Overheaters: Cabeau Evolution Cool Neck


Best Pillow With Secret Support: Trtl Pillow 

The Trtl Pillow is a bestseller on Amazon and I can see why. It is sturdy yet not as bulky as other pillows and the support it provides is secretly disguised by looking like a scarf-like wrap. When not in use the Trtl Pillow packs flat, making it extremely convenient and easy to fit in your luggage.


Best Pillow For The Window Seats: J-Pillow

This plush, J-shaped cushion is great to support your head and neck while sleeping. It is particularly great if you secure a window seat and can lean your head against the window or wall. And the chin support helps to stabilise your head. It was actually named the 2013 British Invention of the Year and is popular with travellers. 

Best for Chin Support and Heads That Bobble Forward: BCozzy Travel Pillow

To give support to your head and neck and to stop it rolling to the side, back or front check out this Bcozzy Chin-Supporting Pillow. The ends overlap providing extra support so no matter what seat you are in, the window, middle or isle the extra support this travel neck pillow offers will see you well supported so you don’t wake up with a stiff and sore neck. These are also great for kids and can be adjusted to different size necks.

Best for the Can’t-get-comfortable Person: Huzi Design Infinity Pillow

You may think this pillow looks silly but this Huzi Infinity Pillow is very comfortable. You can adjust the shape to suit how you are sitting or lying and it keeps your neck nice and warm. It is made from high-quality bamboo fabric that is machine washable, anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic. Wow, and it boasts about having noise-cancelling abilities – so forget paying ludicrous amounts of money for noise cancelling headphones when you put your Infinity Pillow by Huzi Design over your ears! 

Best for Moulding Around You: Travelrest Curl

Wanting great neck and head support then consider this Travelrest Curl memory foam neck pillow. Memory foam reacts to body head that makes it soft enough to mould around your shape, then returns to its original shape when heat pressure is removed. Unfortunately this type of neck support doesn’t fold down but does hook onto your luggage and can be kept in your luggage, but the comfort far outweighs this negative. 

Best For Shameless Sleep: Travelrest All-in-One

The Travel Rest All-in-One Pillow is set apart from other travel pillows due to its shape. it not only supports your neck and head, it supports you body also. Wear it across your body like a messenger bag or down the side of your body to lean on. The pillow is inflatable with a washable velour outer. Very light and easy to travel with as it rolls up once deflated. 

Best for Discreet Propping Up Of Head: Nemo Fillo HQ Pillow

The Nemo Fillo HQ Travel Pillow looks more like a brace than a pillow. It is basically worn around your neck providing support so you head doesn’t roll to a side, back or front. If you don’t want something that looks like a u-shaped travel pillow this discreet item might be the one for you. It can also be rolled up small when not in use. 

Best for the Budget Bobblehead Sleeper: Kmall Inflatable Pillow

The Kmall Inflatable Pillow is an inflatable neck pillow that looks like your ordinary plastic u-shape blow-up pillow. What makes this different is the shape for your neck that creates more comfort and in turn more rest. When not in use the Kmall Inflatable Pillow packs into a nice little protective carrying case. 


Best Travel Pillow For Forward Sleepers: Cloudz EZ Inflatable

If you like to sleep forward by leaning on the seat in front of you or onto a pillow on the tray table then the Cloudz EZ Inflatable Travel Pillow will allow you to sleep like this. Once inflated the pillow has a hole for your face, just like a massage table so you can easily breath. Being inflatable it deflates to a small size to be carried in your luggage. 

Best Travel Pillow to Keep Your Head Warm


Wanting support while keeping your head warm then this Neck Pillow With Hoodie is what you need. As well as support and warmth the hoodie can offer privacy while you get some sleep.


Best Travel Pillow for Overheaters: Cabeau Evolution Cool Neck


Feeling hot and overheating can interfere with sleep. Enter the Cabeau Evolution Cool Neck Pillow. Having ventilation on the sides helps to improve airflow around your neck which will help to keep you cooler and not overheat, yet still provide support and warmth.


Conclusion On Which Travel Pillow Is Best For Your Long Trip


As you can see, there are lots of different travel pillows available for long trips. And which one to choose will be totally dependent on your requirements for comfort and price. I suggest you shop around and consider the type of travelling you will be doing and choose your travel pillow to meet your requirements. I’d love to hear which one you choose and how comfortable it was during your travels in the comments below.



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