Check List

Let the countdown to your travels begin

Going away for a weekend, a couple of weeks and / or months or longer requires some organisation and pre-planning. Organisation and pre-planning usually comes in the form of a check list.

On your check list you will have a variety of things you need to research and undertaking. Usually the first thing you do is prepare your paperwork to ensure you have a passport and visas. Then you usually consider money to ensure you have enough to fund your travels and if not, work out ways how to save for your travels. You will also research places you want to visit and then you need to pack appropriately not only for your travels but for any plane journeys. Then there is all those travel accessories. So having a check list where you can write down things you want and need to do and then tick them off is a great way to be organised.

To help new and even well-seasoned travellers we have put together an ebook to help you prepare for your travels. ‘Ready, Set, Go-Travel‘ is a unique little guide that provides extremely useful and pertinent information to planning your adventures.


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