Ultimate Guide to Coliving and Coworking While Travelling

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Coliving and Coworking can be a lot of fun.

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Coliving and Coworking are the new buzz words for remote workers and digital nomads. In fact, they have been around a long time, but since Covid, remote workers and digital nomads are embracing these options even more. Here’s why Coliving and Coworking while travelling are great options.

First, some definitions.


What is a Remote Worker


A remote worker is someone who works online remotely. Basically, they don’t commute to an office everyday to undertake work. They can do it from home (or a coffee shop), as long as there is wifi. A remote worker can work for an organisation that doesn’t mind where they work from, as long as they get the work done. Or they can be an entrepreneur or freelancer in their own business.


What is a Digital Nomad


A digital nomad is someone who works online and travels to different places with the money they have earnt while working online. As you travel so much to different places, you need short-term accommodation and somewhere to work online. Come in coliving and working.


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What is Coliving and Coworking


Coliving is really another name for flat or house sharing. But you will be Coliving with like-minded people, like other remote workers and digital nomads. You will have your own room and share the living areas. This is where Coworking comes in. Coworking isn’t a new concept. It has been around for some time. It is basically where different professionals work in a common space. This can be in an open plan room that has been specifically designed for the purpose. These dedicated areas provide all the necessary facilities so you can work online. They include things such as Wifi, a work desk with power points and often offer coffee making facilities. Put the coliving and coworking space into the one place and you will find remote workers and digital nomads in heaven.


What is a Coliving and Coworking Space?


So basically, you have a unit or house or building where you will both live and work. There are dedicated living spaces and dedicated working spaces. The best part is you can rent short-term. This could be for a week, month or longer. You may be able to rent a spot in the coworking area for a day, if there is availability. But you will need to work that out with the landlord. Being able to live and work in a coliving and coworking space provides flexibility and freedom to remote workers and digital nomads – which suits their lifestyle down to a tee.


Who is Coliving and Coworking For?


Coworking Space Is About Sharing A Space to Work In.

Coliving and Coworking spaces are for any Digital Nomad or Remote Worker


Coliving and Coworking is for remote workers and digital nomads who value the lifestyle of living, working and playing in different places. It suits their chosen lifestyle and there are many advantages to this, plus disadvantages. You should be aware of them before you decide on this lifestyle.


The Benefits of Coliving and Coworking


There are a number of pros of coliving and coworking. However, shared living and working isn’t for everyone. Here are some of the benefits of coliving and coworking.

  • You don’t have to sign a year-long lease – unless you want to. So when you are moving around a lot, it is great not having to sign, then break a lease.
  • You live and work in the one place. There is no commute and this can save you heaps on travel costs and other living costs.
  • Flexibility with the length of stay. You could stay one week, one month, or longer. And as you don’t have to sign a long lease you have the flexibility to live the life you want.
  • Coliving and coworking are all about collaboration and sharing of resources. You can make contacts that could prove useful for your online career. Or make a friend to further travel with. On that note, it is great to meet like-minded people who understand your lifestyle and that’s because they are living it too. So there can be a strong feeling of community.
  • There are no opening or closing hours. So if you get super creative at midnight, or have a meeting online at an ungodly hour, you will be able to work either in the dedicated work area or in your room.
  • A dedicated work area can make you more productive. If everyone around you is working, you will be working too!
  • Everything you need is included in the price. Yes, things like:
    • Places are fully furnished
    • Wifi (the faster the better)
    • Utilities (water, gas and electricity)
    • Services such as cleaning and maintenance
    • Accommodation and maybe some meals. Some of these things may need to be negotiated.
  • Many are located in beautiful places. Near beaches, in jungles or in the centre of vibrant cities. Bali is known for its beachside options while Thailand is known for its jungle places in Chiang Mai, and Tallin is known for being a vibrant old city.


The Disadvantages of Coliving and Coworking


  • Your work and private life become one. As you are living and working in the same place, your workmates become your flatmates and flatmates your workmates. If you want to keep some of your life separate, then a Coliving and Coworking space may not be for you – all the time!
  • You share the communal spaces with everyone living there, such as the kitchen or lounge area. Even though you can cook your own meals, you may just want to cook for yourself now and then, and this may not be possible. And if you want to watch your favourite TV show, you may not be able to. So having your own apartment or house may suit you better.
  • Your productivity may decrease. While there are no restricted working hours, at the same time the non-office like and relaxed environment can result in decreased productivity. If you bond too well with your Coworking people you may chat too much and not get anything done.
  • It’s easy to skive off for the day or evening to enjoy the local life.
  • Coliving and Coworking spaces aren’t everywhere – yet! Even though this type of set-up is on the rise, it isn’t everywhere.
  • You won’t have control over the selection of your Coliving and Coworking cohort. The landlord will have control of who lives and works in their place. However, many want details about you before they accept you, to try to ensure people of similar ilk come into the premises.


How to find a Coliving and Coworking Place


Once you have chosen your location, it is wise to book into a Coliving and Coworking place so you have somewhere to go on your arrival. So how do you find a Coliving and Coworking space? There are a number of ways.

  • Firstly, the Internet is a wonderful resource to find a coliving and coworking space. Simply type in the country or town with the words coliving and or coworking and places will pop up. Some that popped up for me were WiFi Tribe, Unsettled, Hackers Paradise, Remote Year and Roam. Also check out Coliving and Digital Nomad House.
  • Secondly, search on Facebook for digital nomad and remote worker Facebook groups. There are plenty for particular areas. When I type in Playa del Carmen, there is a group for Expat Rentals, Digital Nomads and Expats Buy and Sell. You never know what you will find on these sites.
  • Thirdly, word of mouth is always a great option. However, you need to be in a remote worker and digital nomad community to gain information from other remote workers and digital nomads. This is one of the positives of the exchange of resources when you become part of a Coliving and Coworking space.


TIP: If you cannot book a spot for your arrival, book into a hostel, hotel or AirBnB for a few days.


Popular Coliving and Coworking Places


Pool With Chairs in A Courtyard In Bali

Sara Resort in Bali – a wonderful place to live and work


There are Coliving and Coworking places all over the world but they are abundant in some of the popular digital nomad destinations: Bali, South America, Spain, Estonia and Thailand.


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Is Coliving and Coworking Spaces Just for Millenials?


Although Millenials make up the majority of remote workers and digital nomads, there is no age limit on who can stay. And as the momentum grows for this style of living and working abroad, it really depends on your circumstance and how you feel internally about living and working in such a place.


What if I don’t Feel Comfortable in a Coliving and Coworking Space?


If you don’t feel comfortable, leave. There are other accommodation options that might suit you better. Try an AirBnB or a hotel room with a kitchenette and ensure whatever you choose has great wifi so you can work online. Check out the accommodation options on Booking.com. If you want to work in a Coworking space and live on your own – that is completely fine, as there are plenty of Coworking places available.


Final Words on Coliving and Coworking Spaces


With Coliving and Coworking spaces growing fast around the world, you can choose the one that suits you. They are great for remote workers and digital nomads because they suit the lifestyle of working for a while, then travelling for a while or moving to another place to immerse yourself in. What ever way you travel, slow or fast, at least you know there is accommodation and work spaces available that will suit your needs.


Coliving and Coworking Spaces Are Popular With Digital Nomads and Slow Travellers As They Work and Travel Abroad.

Thanks for sharing!

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