Cooking while Travelling







Fast and Fabulous Meals for Travellers


Many of us travelling on budgets cannot afford to eat out every night this is why staying in and cooking can save you loads of money plus allow you to use local produce to create your own nutritious meals.


Travellers Fare – A cook book with recipes providing nourishment for a travelling body and soul. Download now.

Garlic Bread Pull Apart

Garlic Bread Pull Apart Recipe This garlic bread pull apart recipe is something I have recently discovered. And I am so glad I did. It is easy to make and tastes really yummy. I like it and my kids like it. You can easily serve it on its own or with a...

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Travellers Fare

Live Work Play Travel launches its first cook book Travellers Fare - Fast and Fabulous Meals for Travellers Everyone needs to eat, and while travelling when you have limited resources you often buy a meal that may not always be healthy and possibly...

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Easiest Spaghetti Bolognaise Recipe ever

Everyone loves Spaghetti Bolognaise When you are travelling on the road, the last thing you want to do is to spend large amounts of time over a stove using limited utensils, which is why, many of us ‘just go out for meals’ which often leads to a depletion of our...

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3 ways to save money by cooking while travelling

Cooking while travelling Travelling can be a major expense in itself and one of the fastest ways to burn through a travel budget is by eating your meals out. Yeah it is great to try the local cuisines but it isn’t always good for your bank balance. That is why I am a...

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