Updated September 2019. Cruising the world to exotic places is a very popular thing to do and if you would like to make a career out of it, then consider working on a cruise ship. This isn’t a pipe dream because many people are doing just that. They are doing it by working on a cruise ship. So here are my 5 reasons why working on a cruise ship could be for you too.


Cruise to and around Exotic Locations

This is the biggest positive of working on a cruise ship. You will get paid to visit some of the most exotic destinations on the planet. Not all white sandy beach destinations of the Caribbean, Pacific or Mediterranean though. You could be cruising the spectacular Fjords of Norway or seeing the Killer Whales along the Alaskan Coast line. Maybe even cruising between continents on trans-Atlantic cruises. And what about an extended cruise around the world. Yes, this is the biggest reason to consider working on a cruise ship.


Work in a luxurious environment

Cruise ships are floating cities and offer those taking cruises every facility possible. Usually, the cruise ship staff are allowed to use these facilities or, they will have exclusive facilities only available for use of the officers, staff and crew. These include but are not limited to the dining areas, recreation areas that can include a gym, pool, nightclub, dining area and the stores on board. So on top of receiving a wage, somewhere to live (although probably shared), cruising to exotic locations you will still be able to live a normal life by using facilities available to you.


Save money

Yes, it is possible to save money while working on a cruise ship. This is because you will be provided with a cabin, or be sharing a cabin with other staff, plus receive a wage. So as long as you aren’t tempted to spend your hard earned cash on alcohol and other services on the ship and then off the ship when in port, you can save quite a bit of cash during their contract.


Meet new people

Officers, Staff and Crew come from all over the world to work on a cruise ship. So you will meet lots of new people from many countries and make some long-lasting friendships. You will of course meet many passengers along the way. I cannot guarantee any of the people you will meet will be long-lasting, but you never know!


Build a career

Cruise ships offer many chances to build your career through the positions they offer. The skills and knowledge you gain will stand you in good stead if you leave the cruise line industry to work again on land in the one location. There are literally hundreds of positions on a cruise ship. Ranging from cabin stewards to chefs to waitresses to maintenance to admin to the captain.

So there you have it. Five good reasons why you should consider working on a cruise ship. If I have inspired you, you can get more information from my ebook Work on a Cruise Ship. It lists the type of jobs you can do, covers life on board and most importantly gives you the contact details of the top 15 cruise lines to get a cruise ship job with.

Happy Sailing.


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