Garlic Bread Pull Apart Recipe

This garlic bread pull apart recipe is something I have recently discovered. And I am so glad I did. It is easy to make and tastes really yummy. I like it and my kids like it. You can easily serve it on its own or with a pasta meal. It is cheap to make as well as you can buy pre-made up garlic bread and the other ingredients.


1 garlic bread (about 8 pieces) or more depending on how many people it is for.
Danish Salami or pepperoni if you prefer.
Tomato Sauce.
Cheese, preferably grated but make sure it is a cheese that melts easily


1. allow garlic bread to thaw (if bought frozen)
2. cut in to slices (if pre-cut ensure garlic butter is on top)
3. place slices of garlic bread with garlic butter facing up on a baking tray – put slices as close together as possible
4. put a dollop of tomato sauce on each piece of bread (on top of butter)
5. put a slice of salami on top of sauce
6. sprinkle grated cheese over slices
7. bake in oven (at 180 degrees Celsius) until cheese melted (you can crisp bread a little if you like)
8. serve and enjoy


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About the Author:

Sharyn McCullum has been travelling to different world destinations most of her life. This is thanks to her father who worked at Sydney Airport. As she cannot afford to eat out every night she likes to stay in accommodation that has cooking facilities. She can then make her own nutritious (most of the time) meals. This garlic bread pull apart is one of her easy concoctions. For more easy meals to make check out her ebook Travellers Fare.

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