Can’t travel due to lockdown or quarantine restrictions? Well you aren’t alone. If you can’t travel far, why not consider having a staycation. A staycation is a vacation that you take in your own neighbourhood, city or country. It could be for a weekend, a week or longer. Sounded ridiculous to me at first, but then I started thinking about it. There is plenty to see and do in my local area. And when I can’t get away and want to spend thousands of dollars on getting away, a staycation sounds pretty darn good. So if you are interested in your own holiday at home here is my guide on how to plan the perfect staycation.


Why Do You Need A Staycation?


Because we all need a break, right! That’s why you need a staycation.


How Do You Take a Staycation?


Treat your staycation like a vacation. Go through all the steps involved in planning a vacation for your staycation and it will start to feel like you will be going on a holiday. Just what you need!


Schedule It


Just like any holiday you need to do some planning. Start by scheduling your staycation into your life. Get out a calendar or your diary and decide on when you will have your staycation. Pencil it in and start getting excited about your staycation every time you think about it. Avoid making any other commitments during the time you have decided on your staycation. 


Do Some Research and Write an Itinerary


Start researching your staycation destination to find out what events might be occurring and what there is to see and do. Even if you have been to a place before, rediscover it. Then write yourself up an itinerary including food stops. Research what coffee shops are available for breakfast and don’t forget a restaurant you may have heard about it. 


Book Some Accommodation


Booking accommodation will make the whole staycation feel more like a special time. Treat yourself and the person or persons that might be taking the staycation with you. Why not book a swanky hotel in the city, or maybe request a room with a beach view. Have breakfast included that will be delivered to your room. Spoil yourself a little. Book your staycation now. For rates and availability of your chose staycation destination check out


Become a Tourist in Your Own City


While on your staycation take the time to become a tourist in your own city. Visit places that you may have always thought only tourist’s visit like museums to learn about the local area. Visit the museum and discover what your local area is famous for and why it was founded. Or maybe think food and wine tour and discover local produce in your area. If there are free tours around your town, why not take one. Have your camera or camera phone ready to take shots of different places from a tourist perspective. And get yourself in the photos. The photos will be great momentos of your staycation. And why not buy yourself a little souvenir of your staycation to remember this special time.


Go Off Grid and Relax


One of the key elements to a perfect staycation is to disconnect and relax. So if you don’t want to be a tourist in your own town then turn off your phone and Ignore emails and messages. Do a social media detox. Make your best effort to embrace the present moment by slowing down and enjoying what is around you. Relax. Breathe in the air. Take the opportunity on your staycation to do some relaxing things. Sleep in late and have breakfast in bed. Lounge around and read a book or a magazine. Join a yoga class. Go for a swim or sauna if your accommodation has these available. Indulge in a high tea or a meal at a new restaurant. But most importantly devote the time to yourself and discover how relaxing your staycation could be.


Take a New and Different Mode of Transport


Your staycation is a time to do something different so why not find a new way to get around. Why not get around on a bike, in the bus, on the train or tram or just walk. I have always enjoyed riding public transport as it is a convenient and cheap way to get around town. If time is not on my side I often go on the local tourist hop-on hop-off bus. I not only get great insights to where I am but I usually learn something new.


Try a New Coffee Shop or Restaurant


It is always a good cultural travel experience to try some of the local food. And your staycation destination probably has some hidden gems you may have never experienced or haven’t experienced for quite a while. So try a different food in a new coffee shop or restaurant maybe in a different neighbourhood or on the other side of town. It will probably be something you will remember from your staycation. If you don’t want to go out then create a great dish at your accommodation using local ingredients picked up from a market. Make the meal memorable.


Cross Something Off Your Bucket List


If you have a unique activity on the top of your bucket list why not try to do it on your staycation. Always wanted to visit Niagara Falls? Well I’m sure there will be a waterfall closer to you that you could enjoy. If you want to hike the Apalacian Trail, I’m sure there is a hike closer. Want to camp under the stars on an island but can’t get to an island, set up in your backyard. Want to Eurail through Europe, maybe take a local train ride. Whatever is on your bucket list go crazy with it and create staycation memories.

So I hope you have got some inspiration and are now ready to start planning your staycation. If you are planning or have already done a staycation what tips would you add to this list? Let me know in the comments below.



    If you are thinking of a working holiday, becoming a digital nomad, planning your trip’s itinerary, or already on the road, here are the Resources Live Work Play Travel uses regularly to help us Live Work and Play around the World. These Resources will make your work and travel life easier too.


    • HostelWorld for booking a bed in a hostel.
    • for booking hotels from budget to ‘I feel like splurging’..
    • Trusted Housesitters for house and pet sitting. This is a great way to save on accommodation costs and immerse yourself in a local area.
    • World Nomads for travel insurance. Ensure you are covered for those mishaps and accidents.
    • SafetyWing digital nomad travel insurance.
    • GetYourGuide jump the queues when you pre-purchase your tickets and tours to sights.
    • Wise (formerly Transferwise) to transfer money to your accounts from anywhere in the world.
    • VPN to ensure your devices are secure.

    Need something else? Check out my Resources page.


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