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For a while now there has been a growing trend of employees who don’t walk into a traditional office each weekday. Instead, they are opting to work remotely. This can be from home, abroad or a well designed coworking space. With this, comes positives and negatives. It is the flexibility of working when you want, well mostly, and in your pyjamas if you want, just like Vicky Sosa does for her organisation is very appealing. Find out how Vicky began working remotely and see whether you can do it too.


Where are you from and what do you do?


Hi! I’m Vicky and I travel with my stuffed monkey Buddy. I’m originally from Miami, Florida but I’ve lived in a few different places, including Germany, thanks to my time in the military. Currently I am a digital nomad and travel around the country, and sometimes internationally, by house sitting. I have a travel blog where I create guides and provide travel tips based on my travels. To pay the bills, I work remotely for an insurance company in the finance department as an Invoicing Specialist.


What does an Invoicing Specialist do?


Working in the finance department, I create invoices and send them out to our clients. I also follow up with clients if we haven’t received payment in the allotted time.


What made you decide to work remotely?


I had been working as a government employee with a comfortable job and great benefits. But, I didn’t have the flexibility I desired to be able to travel more. A family friend mentioned that this insurance company was looking to hire someone and that they would be able to work remotely half of the week.


How long did it take you to get up and running working remotely?


I interviewed for the position and got the job! I started the following month. At first, I was working as a data manager. After about a year, I transitioned into my new role of creating invoices for the finance department. I was still working in the office 3 days of the week and working remotely for 2 days.

This allowed me to travel more because it was similar to having a long weekend. I would fly somewhere on Wednesday night after work. Although I’d have to work Thursday and Friday during the day, in the evenings I was able to go out and explore as well as all day Saturday. Then I’d fly back on Sunday and be back in the office on Monday.

Eventually, however, I wanted to work remotely. Around that time, I also wanted to focus on my travel blog more and turn it into a business. I made the decision to quit my job and concentrate on growing my blog. I walked into my boss’s office and told him I was quitting, but he wasn’t having it. Instead, he proposed that I transition from full-time to part-time and said I could work 100% remotely. So, for the past three years I have been working remotely as a part-time employee for this insurance company. While also working on my blog Buddy The Traveling Monkey.


What equipment do you need to be a remote worker?


The equipment required will depend on what kind of remote work you will be doing. In my case, I need a good computer and the right software. As I like to work while travelling I need other equipment like a travel adaptor so I can plug in anywhere. Also a power bank to ensure my equipment is fully charged if I find myself without power. And I like to have a accessory bag for all my tech bits and bobs I need to perform my job remotely.

How many hours do usually work?


I’m a part-time remote employee, but my hours are also very flexible. I don’t have specific hours that I need to be logged on, I just have to get my work done as quickly as possible at the beginning of the month. Invoices need to be sent out quickly; the sooner they’re sent out the sooner we get paid.

So, the first two weeks of the month I might work eight to ten hours a day. But then once all invoices are done, unless a side project comes up, I don’t even have to turn on my computer. This makes the last two weeks perfect for traveling, exploring, and working on my blog.


How much money do you make?


Because I work as a part-time employee, I don’t make a lot. However, because I’m a nomadic house sitter, I don’t need a lot of money. The only bills I have are my phone bill, my car insurance, and gas. And, of course, food. Rent was always the biggest expense I had, so getting rid of that enabled me to live with a smaller paycheck.

I must note that I don’t get paid to house sit. But, I do get to live somewhere for free in exchange for taking care of the home and any pets the homeowners have.


What does a day in your life look like?


Typically, I wake up and feed whatever pets I’m caring for at the moment. Then I’ll make myself some coffee and get on my computer. I’ll check emails and get to work.


What are your favourite things about working remotely?


Honestly, the work itself isn’t thrilling. But the company I work for values my skills and trusts me to do the work well and efficiently with minimal supervision.


And your least favourite things about working remotely?


As I mentioned before, the first two weeks of the month are pretty hectic.


What is your advice for someone wanting to work remotely?


First, make sure that you know your job and do it well. Your employer should know what kind of work ethic you have. Then, have a conversation about wanting to work remotely. If they are uncomfortable with the idea, suggest a trial period so they can assess your work. Once you’re able to secure a trial period, make sure you give them no reason to doubt your work or accountability.


Invoicing Specialist Job Working Remotely Summary


I handle everything that has to do with putting invoices together and sending them out to our clients. I prepare everything for the invoice; I verify billing information, enter the amount due, and write out an itemized account of what the client is paying for.

Not everyone is as lucky as Vicky to walk into their boss’s office and walk out as a remote employee. But if I were wanting to work remotely for my company this would be the first way I would try. If unsuccessful, there are many organisations around the world that employ remote workers. I would suggest starting by registering with job sites aimed at flexible and remote workers.


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