Two Kangaroos Standing In a Paddock With The World Australia.

Live Work and Play in Australia


Australia is a hot destination for working holiday makers, overseas visitors, international students and Australians themselves. I mean, who wouldn’t want to visit and enjoy the beaches, the outback and the vibrant cities. Oh and don’t forget the many natural and man-made wonders. If you are thinking of living, working and playing in Australia you should. As Australia is currently the place I live I have created the website / blog specially for anyone who wants to live, work and play in Australia.

On the website you will find what you need to live, work and play in Australia. Like, information on different accommodation. Types of work available both online and jobs you can pick up as you travel. And travel options to get you around Australia. There is also information on things to see and do, activities to partake in and road trips so you can experience all Australia has to offer. So visit


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