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Indonesia is made up of a number of islands with Bali being the most popular. Many people visit Bali to holiday and to be a digital nomad. Australia and Bali now have a Work and Travel visa available. It allows 1000 people from each country, aged 18-30 years to come and live in either Australia or Bali for up to 12 months. During this time you can take work for no more than 6 months of your stay.


Bali Digital Nomad Guide – Live In Bali As A Digital Nomad

Bali Digital Nomad Guide – Live In Bali As A Digital Nomad

Bali is among the top destinations for digital nomads, and for great reasons. Aside from its very affordable cost of living, Bali boasts a laid-back atmosphere and breathtaking natural wonders. Throw in sweet surfing spots, tasty cafes and restaurants, colourful...

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