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Live Work and Play in The Middle East

Get ready to Work and Travel in the Middle East. Be a Digital Nomad and/or get inspiration from our Middle East Travel Itineraries.


Travellers often choose to Live Work and Play in The Middle East due to the high wages and rich lifestyle it can provide.

There is only one country that has a reciprocal work and holiday visa agreement available and that is Iran. This visa is only available to Australian citizens aged 18-30 years. If you successfully gain the visa you can stay for up to 12 months. Apply at your nearest Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Many find work in the region by being sponsored by organisations before they arrive particularly in engineering and teaching. These organisations usually include your airfare, accommodation and a wage to entice you there. In return they expect quality. Teachers and engineers are highly sought after to work in countries such as Dubai.

Travellers often volunteer on a kibbutz in Israel where in return for your work you will receive accommodation, food and a small wage. It is a great way to immerse yourself in the Israeli culture.


Dubai Travel Guide for First Time Visitors

Dubai Travel Guide for First Time Visitors

Dubai is a popular destination for those planning for an international holiday. This Middle Eastern city is at par with any metropolitan city of the West but still preserves its culture and heritage beautifully. Moreover, the amazing architecture and development of...

Living and Working in Saudi Arabia as a Renal Nurse

Living and Working in Saudi Arabia as a Renal Nurse

Open Sesame is a term used in the movie Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. It was said to open the door of the cave in the desert in Saudi Arabia where Ali Baba and his band of thieves hid their treasure. But Saudi Arabia is a lot more than a desert with forty thieves...

Kibbutz Volunteer Israel

Kibbutz Volunteer Israel

Day off spent at the Dead Sea Volunteer on a Kibbutz in Israel Even though I personally enjoyed my kibbutz volunteer experience in Israel, it is definitely not for everyone. You work hard, live in very basic rooms, earn a pittance and have no privacy. But...

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