Sharyn McCullum at the Backpacker Expo in Sydney with her series of ‘Live Work and Play’ travel guides.


Who is Live Work Play Travel?


Thanks for stopping to find out more about Live Work Play Tavel. I am Sharyn, the founder of this work abroad, work online and travel website. I have been writing about working overseas and travelling since the 1990s but I have travelled all my life thanks to my dad who worked for an Australian airline. This meant many family holidays (with dad, mum and sister) were spent travelling to different places in Australia and overseas, with Hawaii being a favourite destination.

In 1988 I left Sydney and moved to the UK on a working holiday on my own. I remember standing at Heathrow Airport with no friends, family, accommodation or work and wondered what to do next. I always wished there had been a travel guide that would have told me what to expect and how to find somewhere to live, about jobs available and suggestions on how to enjoy myself. But I did find a place to live, got a job and began enjoying myself.

It was while in London I fell into travel writing after a local magazine called for submissions. I had recently returned from Turkey where I had spent the day at ANZAC Cove for the 75th Anniversary of the landing of the ANZACs and wrote about it. The article was published and I earned 25 pounds. I was hooked.

After 4 years living, working and playing in London and travelling to many European and Scandinavian countries I returned home to Australia. And I noticed there still were no guides in the bookstores about going to the UK on a working holiday. So I decided to rectify the situation. My biggest problem was the name, what would I call the book? I asked myself, what is the book about? My answer, it is about living, working and playing in the UK. My first travel guide Live Work and Play in London and the UK  was born. The first edition published in 1993 by Kangaroo Press.


Live Work and Play Publications is born


My English friends were very impressed and suggested I should write a similar guide for Australia. And so, Live Work and Play in Australia was published. In 1995 I established Live Work and Play Publications to publish specific working holiday guides. The range includes:

Live Work and Play in London and the UK
Live Work and Play in Australia
Live Work and Play in Canada
Live Work and Play in Japan
Live Work and Play in Ireland
Live Work and Play around the World
Endless Winter – Your Guide to Working in Ski Resorts Around the World
Ready, Set, Go – Travel — A pre planning guide to travelling overseas


Live Work Play Travel Website created


With the advent of the Internet and social media I decided to publish all my Live Work and Play guides travel guides as ebooks rather than printed books. This is so I can update the ebook instantly something changes thus, keeping the guides up-to-date for those planning a working holiday. Visit the store for the current range.

As well as the travel guides under the name, which is a registered trade mark, Live Work and Play, I have founded the website Live Work Play Travel, which provides tips, hacks and information on working abroad, working online and travelling. So you will find information on countries that have a working holiday visa and types of work you can do on a working holiday. You can also discover how you can work online and be a digital nomad. Plus there is plenty of travel information on general what to see and do guides as well as road trips and travel itineraries.

I also have other websites under the Live Work and Play banner: – Recipe and Food Blog


Live Work Play Travel Philosophy


I believe travelling is more than just travelling. My philosophy is ‘Live Work Play Travel – it’s more than a way to travel – it’s a lifestyle’.

Aims of Live Work Play Travel


My aims of Live Work Play Travel is to provide inspirational and up-to-date information to help you live, work and play around the world just like I do. This is done through tips, tricks and hacks that I have learnt from my years travelling, working abroad and now working online. Stay tuned please continue to return to this website for the information you need to live your travel dreams. If there is something in particular you are looking for please email me at and I will do my best to answer it for you. Please note, I am not a recruitment agency and cannot find you a job.




Thanks for sharing!

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