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LiveWork&Play was established in 1995 by Sharyn McCullum (traveller and travel writer). It came about after she went on a working holiday to London and found herself at Heathrow Airport with no friends, family, accommodation or work and wondered what to do next. After spending four years living, working and playing in London and using London as a base to travel the world from she returned to Australia and wrote her first travel guide.

Sharyn’s first travel guide was a working holiday guide to London and the UK. To work out a title that really suited the book Sharyn thought long and hard about the essence of the book and with that in mind she came up with LiveWork&Play in London & the UK – a working holiday to London is more than just what to see and do it is about living, working and playing.

Some of her British friends were so impressed with her first guide they suggested Sharyn write a working holiday guide to Australia. So she did and LiveWork&Play in Australia became her second book.

At this time Sharyn decided that because there are many working holiday destinations she would try to write a guide for every country and hence she began LiveWork&Play and has been developing this range of guides ever since.

With the advent of the Internet and social media Sharyn decided to produce all her guides as ebooks rather than printed books so as to reach more people interested in the working holiday lifestyle. Check out the ebook store on her website for more details.

As Sharyn plans to expand her highly successful range of working holiday guides she has morphed the name from LiveWork&Play to LiveWorkPlayTravel. Her plans are to produce more ebooks not only on working holidays but general travel and travel writing as well and to provide an informative website and blog.

Visit the website at and help her spread the word – working holidays – they are more than a way to travel, they are a lifestyle.


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