Like many, I am interested in making extra dollars through working on line. And I have been having some success with doing paid online surveys. I wish I could say I could retire on the money I am making from paid on line surveys, but I can’t. But every little bit helps, right! To help you decide if it is something you would like to try, I have created this post to provide the facts about doing paid online surveys to help you make some extra cash. So here goes.


How Much Do Paid Online Surveys Pay?


I have read I could make around $1,000 per month by doing paid online surveys. This, of course, was a big attraction that made me want to try. What I found was you need to spend a great deal of time completing surveys to earn $1,000. By doing surveys I have found that each survey company offers a different ‘points system’ to complete a survey. By doing many surveys I have discovered that on average a 15 minute survey might earn me 120 points or $1.20. Meaning, I am working for about $4.80 an hour. So maybe if I spent 8 hours a day doing surveys I could earn $38.40 per day. And if I did this 7 days per week I could earn $268.80 for the week. And yes, if I did surveys 8 hours per day for 4 weeks I could potentially earn $1075.20. Only you can decide if this amount of time spent to receive this amount is worth your while. For some it may be. For me, I often do surveys while enjoying my morning coffee and enjoy the extra bit of income it provides.


How Do You Get Paid?


When you build up your points you can redeem them in a number of ways. Some survey companies allow you to redeem your points for gift cards while others allow you to ‘cash out’ (receive money) through PayPal. Each company sets their own threshold where you can cash out. Some are $5 while others are $20 or even $50. Some will allow you to cash out with gift cards like iTunes or Amazon gift cards.


Cash Out Early and Often


You will hear stories of people who have earned lots of points after completing hours of surveys only to have their account shut down for no apparent reason. Therefore, my suggestion is to cash out early and often.

I do many surveys through MyOpinions and I am allowed to redeem points at either 2000 points ($20) or 5000 points $50. I usually redeem when I reach $20.


Sign Up With As Many Paid Online Surveys As Possible


When I first started doing paid online surveys I signed up for as many as possible. I soon realised that not all of them were legitimate and they were wasting my time. Spending half an hour on one survey one time I was told at the end of the survey ‘you didn’t qualify’. So the points they advised at the beginning of the survey didn’t eventuate because I ‘didn’t qualify’. I couldn’t believe it, I was in shock and very annoyed. So the morale of this is, be careful of how many survey companies you sign up with.

I also found that I had to ensure I have the one profile. What I mean is, there are some people who create different profiles, ie. pretend to be a male accountant who is 28 and living in London when in fact they are a female homemaker, 35, who lives in Melbourne. You need to remember who you are because most of the survey companies have check questions to catch people out if they are ‘rorting’ the system. So if you are answering as a 28 year old accountant your answers must be consistent with your 28 year old accountant profile. If you get confused as to which profile you are using your account can be suspended.


Your Online Survey Profile


When you initially sign up for paid online survey companies you will be asked loads of questions. Some are very intrusive. But be as honest as you can cause this is how you are assigned surveys. They match surveys with your profile.

Another thing I have found is that some online survey companies limit you to how many surveys you can do. I believe they do this so they get a broad range of people doing the surveys and not just get the ‘same old’ people doing them. They are thinking of their clients who are relying on the responses. And maybe they have a budget of how much they can pay out per week.

A final thing on signing up. Signing up with a survey company should be free. Never pay them to sign up. This would definitely be a scam.


Your Opinions Can Influence Organisations


Surveys are done so they can provide accurate market research in to a product or service. Your answers can influence a company to introduce, change or delete a product or service. This is why the survey companies rely on your legitimate answers. A word of warning here. Some of them can track how fast you are going through the survey, if too quickly they can cancel your account because they feel you aren’t answering the surveys properly. So take your time.

When you sign up you will need to fill out an extensive questionnaire. These questions can be around your race, income, medical history, eating habits, education, children, marital status, etc. and lots of other things. And what they want to know can be very intrusive. I was a little offended at providing the information at first but in the end I did and as far as I am aware my information is safe and secure.


How Do You Get The Surveys?


Once you have signed up with a paid online survey company they will send you an email every so often with a link to a new survey. Click on the link and you should be taken to the survey to complete. Or you can sign in to your account and see if there are surveys for you to complete. It is advisable to complete the survey as soon as possible otherwise it might close – because other people have responded and completed the survey quicker than you.


Some Security About Survey Websites


Your privacy is utmost with online surveys. All of the surveys should not be asking for personal details like your name and address. Your name and address should only be provided to create your account. They do often ask questions like your age, post code, yearly household income and gender for classification purposes. This ensures the survey company get a good selection of participants. I would suggest you read the Privacy Policy page to ensure you know how your data is being used.


Ensure it is a secure site


To ensure you are using a secure site look for the little ‘closed lock’ icon before the URL – https://. This means the data you share will be secure and encrypted using SSL technology.


Best Websites for Paid Online Surveys


I have done a lot of research on this by signing up and participating in surveys with a number of paid online survey companies. Plus finding out from other people what sites they are using. Here are my top 3.

MyOpinions – You can earn anywhere from 70 to 300 points per survey (which is dependent on the time taken). You can redeem either $20 or $50 through PayPal or gift cards. I like them because they give you 20 points even if you don’t qualify for the survey. 

SwagBucks – You can sign up instantly and get $10 worth of SwagBucks instantly. If you go in to the dashboard you will see there are many survey sites under its banner. This provides you with lots of options for doing surveys.

SurveyJunkie – Once you have joined and completed your profile you can begin to become an ‘influencer’. You will be able to complete surveys and redeem your points through PayPal or e-gift cards like iTunes, Groupon, etc. You can redeem at $10. Currently you can only join if you live in Canada, the USA, UK, Australia or New Zealand.

In closing, there are many paid online survey sites to choose from to do paid online surveys with. I will be updating this post regularly so please if you find an online survey website that is legitimate and you are making money from it please let me know. You may not become a millionaire from doing paid surveys online but as far as I’m concerned, every little bit of extra income helps.


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