Hi and Welcome. I am Sharyn McCullum and I am the founder of LiveWorkPlayTravel.

Every day thousands of people use our travel advice, tips and services to help them plan their working holiday, gap year or travel itineraries. 

So whether you are looking to go on a Working Holiday to Australia, the UK, Canada, Japan or New Zealand
Teach English in Asia, Europe or South America
Work on a Cruise Ship
Crew aboard a Yacht
Be a Kibbutz Volunteer in Israel
Au Pair or Nanny in London or New York
Pick fruit and vegetables
Become a Digital Nomad
Have an endless winter by working in ski resorts
Start your own blog
Backpack around the World
or plan a long-weekend away
let LiveWorkPlayTravel help you turn your work and travel dreams in to a reality.

LiveWorkPlayTravel – it’s more than a way to travel, it’s a lifestyle.

Our latest blog posts

Yacht Crewing

Become a Crew member on a yacht Have you thought about spending your time sailing the seas? Waking up to beautiful sunrises. Island hopping in the Caribbean or Mediterranean. Catching your dinner then watching the sun set after a long day and being paid to...

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Work and Travel Asia

Work and travel Asia - Extend your travels in Asia by working Asia is on a lot of people’s bucket lists. The region offers travellers unique insights in to different cultures, food, beautiful places and manic cities. Travellers love to extended their time...

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