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Canada – Live Work Play

LiveWork&Play in Canada, 3rd Edition

Canada is a hot working holiday and gap year destination for young, independent travellers. It’s a big country with spectacular national parks, unique wildlife, world-famous skiing and snowboarding areas and wonderful cultural experiences. With the working holiday visa being extended from one year to two (for some nationalities), Canada is now a more popular working holiday and gap year destination than ever before.

LiveWork&Play in Canada has been written specifically for those of you heading to Canada on a working holiday or gap year. This third edition has hundreds of website addresses and phone numbers for finding employment, accommodation and all your travel options — everything a traveller needs to know for a successful working holiday or gap year. Inside you will find:

Chapter 1: Introduction 5
Chapter 2: Ready, Set, Go! 7 

Passport 7
Working holiday visas and Student Programs 8
When to go 17
How to go 19
Packing 19
The question of money 27
Sorting affairs 30
Holiday insurance and medical care 31
Useful things to do, join and obtain 34
Support services 36
Stay in touch 36
Checklist 37
Travelling Alone 38
Travelling Safe 40
Travelling Well 42
Chapter 3: Once you’ve arrived 49 

Chapter 4: Accommodation 53 

Short-term accommodation 53
Long-term accommodation 57
Chapter 5: Work lowdown 61 

Where to find work 62
How to find work 65
Income Tax 71
Chapter 6: A-Z of Jobs 73
Accounting 73
Agriculture and farming programs 74
Busking 76
Circus 77
Call Centres 77
Freelance Travel Writing 78
Fruit & Vegetable picking 79
Hospitality 84
Fast Food Outlets 85
Information Technology 85
Lumberjacks/Tree Planting 86
Nannies and Care Givers 87
Office support 89
Retail 90
Rickshaws 91
Ski and Snwoboard Resorts 91
Teaching English 104
Chapter 7: Travelling Around 107 

Travel option 107
Some attractions not to miss 113
Chapter 8: Useful Information 127 

Chapter 9: Moving On 131 

Chapter 10: Index 133


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