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Japan – Live Work Play

Do you love gadgets, Japanese comics or animated film? Are you a culture vulture? Or do you hear Japan and think of skiing and snowboarding? If your answer is yes, it is unlikely you would be satisfied with a ‘been there, done that’ whirlwind trip around Japan. Tom immerse yourself in the Japanese way of life, a working holiday or gap year is the smartest option.

Living and working in Japan will allow you the time to absorb the language, have authentic experiences (rush-hour train travel in Tokyo, anyone?), see the sites at your leisure, and witness fascinating traditions such as a tea ceremony or a sumo wrestling match.

Japan can be a confusing place for newcomers – so grab a copy of LiveWork&Play in Japan and hit the ground running. Whether you are a nervous first-timer or seasoned traveller, this travel guide is a source of tips, secrets and insder knowledge.

LiveWork&Play in Japan includes:

Chapter 1: Ready, Set, Go! 11
The Working Holiday Visa
The Work Visa
When to go
How to go

  • Choosing a backpack/rucksack
  • What to leave behind

The question of money

  • how much to take
  • how to take it

Sorting affairs

  • power of attorney
  • make a will

Holiday insurance and medical care

Useful things to do, join and obtain

  • pre-book accommodation
  • International Driver’s Licence
  • pre-book your travel within Ireland
  • Discount cards
  • General Japanese information
  • Culture shock-important etiquette and conduct

Staying in touch
Checklist – let the countdown begin

2. Arriving
Immigration control
To luggage collection
Getting from Natira Airport into Tokyo
Getting from Kansai Airport into Osaka

3. First things first
Where to live
Short-term accommodation

  • Hotels
  • Capsule hotel
  • Love hotel
  • Youth Hostels
  • Youth guest house
  • Ryokan
  • Minshuku
  • Camping grounds

Long-term accommodation

  • Gaijin house
  • Finding an apartment
  • Gift giving when you first arrive
  • Garbage collection
  • Setting up utilities

5. Work lowdown
The workplace
Where to find work
Finding work before you arrive
Income Tax

6: A-Z of Jobs
Bar work
Street vending
Entertainment industry
Freelance Travel Writing
Hostessing and Hosting
Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program
Professional positions
Outside the norm work possibilities
Rural positions
Ski resorts
Teaching English
Translating and interpreting

7. Travelling around 91
Travelling around Tokyo
Sightseeing Tokyo
Travelling around Japan

8. Useful information


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