Live Work and Play in London and the UK ebook


Get the info you need to prepare for your working holiday. Includes hundreds of contacts for accommodation, work and travel options. Get your instant download now.


A working holiday in London & the UK is the most popular of all the working holiday destinations. A key to a great working holiday is knowledge and preparation. And the knowledge to prepare can be found in Live Work and Play in London and the UK, a working holiday guide written by someone who has been on such a working holiday.


1. Introduction
Every book has an introduction to set the scene!

2. Ready, Set, Go!
There is lots to get ready when you go overseas on an extended stay. This chapter helps you to organise yourself before you go to make your holiday a little easier. There is a useful check list to tick off as you get ready.

3. Arriving in the UK
Will give you the lowdown on arriving so your first few hours in the UK are less stressful. Need to know how to get from the airport in to London? you will find how here.

4. First things first
There are some things you need to do first to help you to settle in like get a NIN. But before you get one you better find out what it is!

5. Accommodation
Get an insight into short and long-term accommodation options available along with contacts for finding somewhere to stay.

6. Work
Getting a job to fund more travels is a big part of your time in London & the UK. Find out about work here.

7. A-Z of Jobs
This chapter profiles many work opportunities and includes contact details of recruitment agencies/employers for landing a position.

8. Holidaying
This is the best part of your holiday.  Find out a few options for travelling plus sightseeing suggestions.

9. Useful information
Get a valuable insight into London & the UK and take with you tips to help you settle in.

10. Moving On
Advice on what to finalise before you move on.

Get your copy now for the latest information on a working holiday in London and the UK. Includes hundreds of contacts for accommodation, work and travel options.



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