Waist Money Pouch


$19.95 includes postage
Unisex Waist Pouch – great to keep all your valuables such as passport, credit cards, id, money in one convenient location that you can wear around your waist and hide under your clothes so no-one will know where your valuables are.
Colours: Black or Khaki



It is good to know your valuables (passport, money, credit cards, id cards, etc.) can be easily stored and hidden in a unisex waist money pouch that can easily be worn around your waist. No-one will ever know you are wearing one as you can hide it under your clothes. This type of money pouch has been around a long time and is a great way to hide your valuables in the one convenient location. This style of pouch has not dated over the years so you know you can trust this type of security to hold your valuables.
$19.95 includes postage
Brand Name: Hanmei
Dimensions: Width 8cm x Length 13.5cm (can vary a little big depending on what you measure the item with)
Two zipper pockets to hide your valuables in.
Adjustable strap so it fits around your waist perfectly and comfortably.
Colours: Black or Khaki
Made from a washable material called Coolmax which is comfortable against your skin, is fast drying and ultra absorbent against perspiration.
Note: no items come inside the money pouch. It is the money pouch only.
Full refund if item not as described. Purchaser to pay return postage.




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