Ready, Set, Go – Travel



A pre-planning guide for your overseas adventure

ISBN: 978-0-9805324-2-5



So you want to start travelling. Whether you are thinking about it or planning a trip overseas then this indispensable guide is for you. It is a unique ‘how to’ guide with advice and tips on turning your trip’s planning phase into easy steps to help you prepare for your journey so you can have an incredible time.


Reasons to travel
Passport & Visas
When to Travel
How to Travel – Transport Options
Where will you stay? – Accommodation Types
Money Matters
Sort your Affairs
Holiday Insurance – why do you need it – and Medical Care
Useful things to do, join and obtain before your leave
Stay in Touch
Travel Healthy, Safe and Alone
Checklist – let the countdown begin – tick things off your planning list and get travelling.

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