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Teach English Overseas
Get the lowdown on qualifications, where the jobs are and what is involved. Instantly downloadable after payment.


Teach English Overseas

Many travellers teach English as they travel the world. Being able to teach English is like having a passport to the world. This is because many people want to learn English and there are many English Language schools around the world that will sponsor you to come teach for them. If you are interested to work and travel the world and undertake such work get the information you need in our Teach English Overseas ebook. Check out the contents.

Teach English Contents

  1. Why teach English overseas?
    We provide you with eight good reasons why this could be the job for you.
  2. Do I need a qualification? What is TEFL and why would I need it?
    We explain the qualifications and why you might need one and advise you your options to obtaining your qualification. We provide contact details of schools to undertake your course.
  3. About the job
    How much will I be paid? Is accommodation included? how long is a contract for?
    These, plus many more questions about the job are answered.
  4. Which countries are the teaching jobs available in?
    We provide an area overview of the most popular countries/areas that travellers find a job in.
  5. How do I find a job?
    There are a number of ways to find a job and we explain them so you can use all the options. We also include contact details for schools for you to apply to. Many of them list the positions they have available and will help you organise your visa, a job and accommodation so you can arrive and start teaching straight away.

Our Teach English Overseas ebook is downloadable after payment.




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