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Become a Money-Making Travel Writer NOW.

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So you are going travelling and you want to make some money while you travel, right? One option is to become a money-making travel writer. But you don’t know where to start? Well then, here is the travel writing course you need. In just 5 easy lessons you will have the skills to start your travel writing career.


Lesson 1

Let’s Get Started – Learn how to get ideas and what gear you need to start your career.

Lesson 2

To Market to Market – Learn about different markets to sell your articles to.

Lesson 3

The Mechanics of Your Article – Start putting your article into the right format.

Lesson 4

Pitching to Markets – Learn how to contact markets.

Lesson 5

The Business of Writing – Keeping records and the accounting side of writing.

This course has:

No start or end dates
No deadline for completion
No exams 

If you want to become a money-making travel writer sign up for the course now.


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