When you are a long-term traveller, expat or digital nomad, it isn’t always easy to find an insurance provider that covers your unconventional lifestyle at a reasonable cost. But I believe I have found one. If you are looking for a review of SafetyWing that offers travel and health insurance for digital nomads and long-term travellers, look no further. I’ve done my research and reviewed SafetyWing and want to share my opinion about this new kid on the insurance block with you. Here goes. 


Do Digital Nomads and Long-term Travellers Need Insurance?


Short version. Yes, you definitely do! You just don’t know when you might get sick, have an accident and need emergency treatment, have your tech items stolen or have your travel plans cancelled. Most of us just can’t pay thousands of dollars from our pocket to cover these times. This is why you should an insurance policy. And it can be difficult to find an insurance policy that will cover you for everything when you are a long-term traveller or digital nomad. This is where SafetyWing comes in.


What, or Who is SafetyWing?


SafetyWing is an international travel medical insurance that is specifically made for digital nomads, remote workers, travelling freelancers and entrepreneurs or anyone living abroad and travelling long-term. SafetyWing was founded by three Norwegian friends, all digital nomads themselves, who realised that there was no insurance out there, that covered the special needs of this target group. They decided that since the digital nomad lifestyle is constantly growing in popularity, and with a number of countries introducing specific digital nomad visas, it is about time to change that. And so they founded SafetyWing.


What does SafetyWing cover?


SafetyWing Insurance is designed to meet the medical and travel needs faced by Digital Nomads and other remote workers while they are outside of their home country. So you are covered if you are suddenly in an accident or fall sick and need medical assistance. Also, for unforeseen things that can happen when you are travelling including travel delay, lost checked luggage, natural disasters and personal liability. For full details of coverage check out the Nomad Insurance (Travel and Medical) and the Remote Health Insurance (health).



What does SafetyWing NOT cover?


It’s great to know what you are covered for but also very important to know what SafetyWing doesn’t cover. Like most travel and international health insurance providers, SafetyWing doesn’t cover things like routine check-ups, pre-existing conditions or cancer treatment. Also, trip cancellation and adventure sports are not covered, so if you want to be covered for these you will need to look at other travel insurance policies that do cover those such as World Nomads.


How much does SafetyWing cost?


SafetyWing is so far the cheapest international health and travel insurance I’ve seen. Currently, while writing this, the price for Travel Insurance was $40 for 4 weeks while health insurance was $125 a month.

These prices are excluding USA coverage. As with every insurance plan, you will have to pay more if you want to travel to the USA, simply because the medication is more expensive there. In case you do want to travel to the USA, no worries. You can simply book it on top of your plan for the weeks you want to go there.


Why is SafetyWing so cheap?


Now you may be asking yourself why is SafetyWing cheaper in comparison to other insurance policies. Basically, there are three reasons I have found. Firstly, SafetyWing has only one health insurance policy for all. Secondly, there is no middleman. You are buying your policy directly from SafetyWing. And lastly, they focus on the most important and basic health coverage. By not offering coverage for high treatments like cancer, they manage to keep their rates as low as possible.


How does the payment work?


SafetyWing operates on a subscription basis which is very handy for digital nomads. You pay every 4 weeks until you cancel the policy. As most of us long-term travellers and digital nomads don’t know how long we will be travelling for, this is a great way to ensure you don’t accidentally run out of coverage. And you can start your coverage with SafetyWing anytime, even if you are already travelling. 


Which countries does SafetyWing cover?


SafetyWing allows you travel to more than 180 countries worldwide, which is pretty much everywhere. Do consider as with any digital nomad health insurance, the monthly rate increases if you are traveling to the USA. This is because medical care is very expensive there. And yes, SafetyWing covers you even when you visit your home country. You can stay up to 30 days at home for every 90 days of coverage. If your home country is the USA, you are covered for 15 days for every 90 days of coverage.


What do I do in case of an emergency and need to claim?


First of all, don’t panic. Think of the situation you are in and how to resolve it. So if you have had an accident ring the local authorities and ensure your get a report. If sick go to a doctor or the hospital. Or if you have had your gear stolen report it and get a report. And keep all recipes too. Then file a claim directly with SafetyWing.


Conclusion SafetyWing review


SafetyWing gets a big YES from me. The policy covers the most important aspects an expat, long-term traveller or digital nomad needs when traveling. Plus processes to claim are very simple and straight forward. The subscription concept of paying every 4 weeks is very handy. SafetyWing is definitely a fantastic choice so head over to their website SafetyWing for your next trip or even if you are on the road already and need some coverage. And don’t let their cartoon looking website deter you, they are very professional. 


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