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Ever wandered how it would be for you and your pack to participate in a hunt that submerges you in the Indian culture, history and heritage. 
Join us and compete against several others in this series of challenges and earn points while exploring your city as well as the majestic traditions of India.

Highlights of the Great Indian Hunt

  • Be a part of a story, including Gods, Devils, Kings, Peasants and finally, your guide Narad Muni, famous in Hindu culture as the travelling musician.
  • You may join in as a lone wolf or with your pack, (Maximum members – 2)
  • Be on lookout for clues and riddles, solve the problems to reach 5+ spots around your city to fulfill your challenges
  • Every challenge will take place in your city and will be related to the Indian culture, history, traditions and heritage.
  • Explore your town with your pack & complete all the challenges to win maximum gold coins in the earliest time possible to win an exciting 6-week travel experience in India.

    Why should I participate in The Great Indian Hunt 

    1. Fun & Adventurous – A scavenger hunt is an exciting journey to take with your friends, meet new people and try out new activities.
    The participating teams will find themselves in a wide array of unique experiences such as competing in a dance-off with a street performer, talking to strangers while solving riddles, learning about the unique history of India, and exploring their surroundings as a team.

    2. Travel & Culture – Who wouldn’t like to immerse himself/herself into another country’s culture! Throughout this hunt, you’d be delving the Indian culture, history, traditions, cuisines and what not.
    It would give you a chance to live like a explorer for a day with your team.

    3. Personality Development: A fun way to improve yourself as an individual. During the few hours as a part of the hunt, you’d be given several challenges to crack and think out-of-the-box to earn more and more points.
    It would help you improve your interpersonal skills as well as communication skills while you’d be interacting with people around your city and exploring your surroundings.

    4. Bonding With Friends: The Great Indian Hunt is definitely something off-beat to try with your best friend or your significant other; The challenges would give you a chance to bond with this exciting journey.

    And last, but not the least,

    5. The Grand Prize: Get your chance to join our Social Travel: North India travel experience and get free stay and meals for 6 weeks across the northern part of India, including the capital city, New Delhi; the beautiful amalgam of adventure and spiritual travel, Rishikesh; the land of Maharajas, Jaipur; Famous for Taj Mahal, Agra and 13 other breath-taking locations.
    Not to forget a wide array of activities, like river-rafting, camel riding, visit to the elephant village, the rikshaw tours, Bollywood Dance classes and so much more in this experience worth $1800.

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