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10 tips for Getting Sleep on a Plane

Many people are taking long-haul flights and at some stage during the flight will hopefully get some sleep, but this is not always the case. As most of us fly economy and don’t have access to first or business class seats/beds we are forced to adapt to...

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5 Good Reasons to Travel Europe by train

Europe by train You have decided to go to Europe and of course you want to make the most of your time while there. Well travelling Europe by train and watching the countryside unfold as you travel between countries could just be the magical time you are...

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Transport Options to Travel the World

Updated September 2019. Once you have thought about where you want to go, the next step can be divided in to two parts: how you will get there and what types of transport you will need once there. Lots to think about! Having travelled for most of my life I...

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Best times to travel the world

There are 'Best times' to travel the world. The biggest influence on your decision to visit a particular place can be the weather. Many people travel during the ‘best time’ because the weather is at its best however, this time is often the high season and...

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7 tips for what to wear on a plane

So what do you wear on a long-haul plane trip?   Layers, Layers, Layers Air travel is often a mix of different climates. From a warmish terminal, to a hot tarmac, to an arctic air-conditioned cabin during flight to a warm terminal again and then local conditions...

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6 Different Types of Airfares to choose from

The quickest way to travel from A to B is to fly Depending on the route chosen, your flight can take a few ice-filled drinks, wrestles with packets of peanuts, a dinner, a light refreshment, a breakfast, hopefully a snooze, a couple of trips to the loo and a movie or...

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