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I’m often asked how I have been able to travel for so long. Well …. I use a number of travel resources to help me plan and to find cheap flights, great accommodation deals and useful travel gear. Here are my favourite travel resources to help you prepare for your travels. Whether that be a 2-week beach holiday, a working holiday, working remotely as a digital nomad and any other travel and work adventures you may be considering or doing.

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 Where Will You Sleep tonight? Find Accommodation



We all need somewhere to sleep, and this makes accommodation one of the biggest items we need to pay for while travelling. To get the best deals on accommodation I always turn to They are a large platform with a huge range of accommodation options available in most countries around the world. From hostels to hotels to guest houses, even a few palaces and camping options. You will definitely find something on this booking platform that will suit your needs and your budget. And I really like the fact that you cancel your booking up until a few days before your arrival without cost. Get pricing and check availability of accommodation here.


| HostelWorld

HostelWorld is aimed at budget travellers who are happy to share a room and facilities. A room can consist of 4, 6, 8, 12 or more bunk beds. Staying in a hostel is great when you are a single traveller as you will meet other like-minded single travellers doing what you are doing – holidaying, on a working holiday or travelling and working their way around the world. Get pricing and check availability here.

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| Trusted Housesitters

If looking to free or cheap accommodation consider house sitting. When you are a house sitter you look after someone else home for an agreed period of time. You may be required to look after any pets, water plants and put the bins out. Register with Trusted HouseSitters and find free accommodation around the world. It will save you heaps of money.

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| Aussie Housesitters

If looking for cheap or free accommodation in Australia check out Aussie Housesitters. Just like Trusted Housesitters but for specifically for housesitting in Australia. Register with Aussie Housesitters and find free accommodation as you travel Australia. It will save you heaps of money.


| VRBO / Stayz

For longer holiday stays in a house, cabin, unit, villa, ski chalet, cottage or holiday apartments then check out VRBO / Stayz. Choose a property that will suit your holiday plans. Some are even pet friendly! They have properties found along beaches, in cities and in the countryside.


Find a Cheap & Flexible Flight 


| Skyscanner

I always start my search for a cheap and flexible airfare with Skyscanner. If I don’ find what I’m looking for, which is rare, I turn to individual airline websites. But I do suggest your first stop should be Skyscanner.


Get on the Rails with a Train Pass


| Eurail / Interrail Pass

One of the best ways to travel Europe is by train. This is because Europe has an extensive railway system in place with many local, domestic and inter-country trains available. Plus, there are different train passes you can purchase to help you travel through one or more European countries. Definitely travelling by train in Europe on a Eurail or Interrail Pass is the way to go. Get pricing and availability here.

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| JapanRail Pass

Japan is a popular place to visit. One of the best ways to see what Japan has to offer is to travel by train. It is such a popular and convenient way to travel there is the JapanRail Pass to utilise. I used a JapanRail Pass while I was in Japan and found it so easy to use. And the trains were very comfortable and took me to all the places on my Japan bucket list. Check out JapanRail passes here.

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Book a Bus Ticket


| Busbud

When I need a bus ticket I turn to Busbud. Busbud has helped me get a great bus fare a few times. Now I know travelling by bus isn’t for everyone, particularly if you don’t want to share your seat with a chicken – yes, it can happen in some countries. This is because some countries don’t have the train insfrastructure like some other countries and therefore, people rely on buses for transport. But travelling by bus is a great option. You can purchase a ticket to get you from A to B or a bus pass. If you want to find and compare cheap bus tickets check out Busbud.


| FlixBus

If you are after a convenient, low cost and straightforward bus service in Europe, one that will take you from A to B in some 39 European countries, then check out FlixBus. Not only do they offer great city to city services if you want a weekend away, but they suit backpackers planning to backpack in Europe? Check out how FlixBus can help you travel through Europe here.


Rent a Car


| RentalCars

I do have my own car, but I can’t take it abroad with me, so when I’m in need of a car, I rent one. The first place I look is RentalCars. They are able to search all the car rental organisations and provide me with the best price and the availability of the car. So if you are in need of a rental car, check out RentalCars first.


Book a Tour for a Day, Week or More


| Contiki

Many nervous first-time travellers go on a tour. One tour company I have travelled with, more than once, is Contiki. Included in the price is the transport, accommodation, most meals and entrance fees to sites. They are aimed at 18-35 year olds and are a lot of fun. Visit the Contiki website for tours.


| G Adventures

G Adventures is a new player on the market (well they’ve been around a few years). They offer tours in many countries. From classic tours to family tours to wellness tours and tours for 18 to 30 something tours, check G Adventures tours out here.


| GetYourGuide (GYG)

I love Get Your Guide. It is an online platform where you can book tours and buy tickets to major sites that allow you to jump the queue! That’s because you will have a ticket and won’t need to line up. Check out the tours and tickets on Get Your Guide here.


| BigBus Tours

When I arrive in a big city I haven’t been to before I always buy a ticket on a BigBus Tour. A ticket allows you to jump-on and jump-off at any of the tourist spots on the route. The bus takes you to all the major sights while providing a commentary. This is a great way to get to know a new city whether that be London, Paris, New York or Sydney – BigBus will show you around. Get your ticket here.


Cruise the Oceans


| Cruise Critic

Want to go on a cruise? Maybe visiting the Pacific Islands, Caribbean Islands, the Mediterranean or the Fjords of Norway? Well get great deals and find your perfect cruise at Cruise Critic.


Work Abroad or Work Online


| Fiverr

Fiverr is an online platform where you can set up your profile account and offer your services. I work through Fiverr and have recently changed my services to include creating travel itineraries. But there are plenty of things you can offer – content creation, social media management, VA services and website design to name a few.  Check out Fiverr here.

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WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms and is a great way to work and travel abroad. It is an exchange program where you exchange working on an organic farm for food and accommodation and life with your hostel. Each country that participates in WWOOF now has their own site (usually with links to others) where you can join and become a WWOOFer. Once joined, you have access to hosts who you can contact for a WWOOFing experience.


| i-to-i

Teach abroad with a TEFOL Certificate from i-to-i. With one of these you can get a teaching job teaching English in a school or online. It is your passport to the world of teaching and living abroad in different countries. Very popular to teach English in Asia. You get the best jobs and better salary with a certificate. Get a certificate from i-to-i. Their website also has a job board.


Travel Insurance – Don’t leave home without it


| World Nomads

Accidents, sickness and mishaps happen – ensure you have adequate travel insurance. Whether you are travelling short term, for a long period of time or working and travelling around the world never leave home without travel insurance. It is one of the most important things to think about before you leave to travel. Choosing the right insurance policy is essential. You should ensure what you are covered for before purchasing to ensure it is the right cover for you. World Nomads offer great coverage.

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| Safety Wing

Safety Wing offers both health and travel insurance for digital nomads, expats and long-term travellers. So if you are a long-term traveller then Safety Wing Insurance may be the right insurance for you.

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Look after your Money


| Wise

Keep check of your money with Wise. It allows you to transfer to and from other accounts.


Stay in Contact


| One Sim Card

Stay in contact with family and friends at home and new friends you meet on the road with a One Sim Card. Check out One Sim Card rates and products here.


Travel Guides


| Live Work and Play Travel Guide


Kickstart all your adventures with the latest information from a Live Work and Play Travel Guide.


Big Ben At Parliament House On The River Thames in London At Sunset Is The Image On The Front Cover Of Live Work And Play In London And The UK.
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Teaching English Abroad Or Online Is A Great Way To Earn Money To Fund Your Travels Just Like The Female Writing On A White Board Teaching.
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I hope my favourite travel resources help you too.

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